10 tips and tricks to get a many out of Samsung Health

Samsung recently renamed a S Health app as Samsung Health and combined a ability to video-call doctors directly within a app. The new name and underline were announced alongside a Galaxy S8 during a finish of March.

With a company’s renewed concentration on healthy living, there’s no improved time to give Samsung Health a try. Here’s what we need to know.

Not usually for Samsung devices

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Despite a namesake, Samsung Health is concordant with a infancy of Android inclination and is permitted in a Google Play Store.

You will need a Samsung comment to finish setup, regardless of a make or indication of phone we own.

Wearable not required

The app itself is able of tracking your stairs and guessing how prolonged — though not how well — we slept.

Each morning we will accept an warning seeking we to endorse when we went to bed and woke up.

Naturally, if we wish a app to lane exercises and count your steps, you’ll need to have your phone on we during all times. For many of us, that’s a non-issue.

Use it with iOS

If we hunt a App Store for Samsung Health, we won’t find it among a uncanny list of results.

To use Samsung Health with an iPhone, you’ll need to possess one of Samsung’s aptness bands or smartwatches.

Currently, Samsung offers a Gear S app and a Gear Fit app in a App Store. Each one is compulsory to pair, set up, and conduct a particular wearable it’s designed for.

Inside any app is Samsung Health, where we can perspective your aptness stats. Unfortunately, pity your swell with friends or contacting a alloy isn’t probable when regulating Samsung Health iPhone.

Compete with friends

The Together add-on in Samsung Health is where we and your friends can contest with one another to see who is a many active.

Additionally, we can perspective how your stats compare adult to associate Samsung Health users your age.

Set adult for Together involves Samsung Health promulgation a content summary on your interest as a means to determine your account.

Once a app has accurate your phone number, we can perspective that of your contacts uses Samsung Health, emanate hurdles and send invites to your friends.

Contact a doctor

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When Samsung announced a Galaxy S8, it fast mentioned Samsung Health users would have a combined advantage of contacting a alloy directly in a app.

That underline has been combined to all Galaxy inclination forward of a S8’s launch after this month. However, a Experts underline is not permitted on non-Samsung devices.

The use is usually permitted in a US right now, and it states that many word companies cover a cost of a video call with a doctor.

Think of Experts as a means to fast revisit a alloy when we have a common cold or have been regulating a fever, not for something some-more critical when an in-person appointment with a medicine is needed.

Organize a app

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On a categorical shade of a app, underneath a Me tab, are several tiles containing information or shortcuts to workouts and holding mixed readings.

If we wish to mislay a tile, or supplement other forms of exercises to a app, daub a “Manage Items” symbol during a bottom of a screen. Arrange existent tiles with a long-press and afterwards drag and drop.

Slide switches on or off, depending on your preferences, set your goals or opt into a module to get in figure for a 5K or 10K.

Start a workout

Starting a examination is as elementary as: open a app and daub on a tile for a analogous practice type.

If we forget to start a workout, Samsung Health will try to theory what we were doing and a duration.

Track calories

You can also lane your calorie intake by enabling a Food tile. With any meal, daub on a Food tile and hunt for your dish or a several equipment that make adult your meal.

Samsung Health has a comparatively endless database of food and analogous nourishment information.

Record heart rate, highlight levels (Galaxy only)

Using a camera and peep on a behind of a Galaxy phone, Samsung Health can guard your highlight turn and heart rate. Tap a correct tile and follow a prompts to start a test. Be certain to sojourn as still as probable during a test.

It’s all corroborated up

Samsung automatically backs adult your health data, definition we can revive your story when we start regulating Samsung Health on a new device.

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