12 Browns players kneel in request over racial, amicable injustice

1:47 AM ET

CLEVELAND — A dozen Browns players took a knee in request during a inhabitant anthem before Monday night’s preseason diversion opposite a New York Giants.

While a organisation knelt behind a bench, several other players placed a palm on a kneeling teammate’s shoulder in support.

“There’s a lot of secular and amicable injustices in a universe that are going on right now,” rookie reserve Jabrill Peppers pronounced after a Browns’ second win in dual preseason games. “We only motionless to take a knee and urge for a people who have been influenced and only urge for a universe in general.”

Players pronounced linebacker Christian Kirksey led a prayer.

“We did it out of respect,” Kirksey said. “No disregard for anyone, we only felt like it was a right time and a need to do it.”

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Week 2 of a NFL’s preseason featured a delay of protests during a inhabitant anthem started final deteriorate by Colin Kaepernick.

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  • Tight finish Seth DeValve, who became a initial famous white NFL actor to take a knee during a inhabitant anthem, pronounced new events in Charlottesville, Virginia, had a lot to do with a decision. But DeValve pronounced it was also some-more involved. His wife, Erica, is African-American.

    “I myself will be lifting children that don’t demeanour like me, and we wish to do my partial as good to do all we can to lift them in a improved sourroundings than we have right now,” DeValve said. “So we wanted to take a event with my teammates during a anthem to urge for a nation and also to pull courtesy to a fact that we have work to do.”

    Those who took a knee were DeValve, using backs Duke Johnson Jr. and Terrence Magee, safeties Peppers and Calvin Pryor, cornerback Jamar Taylor, receivers Kenny Britt and Ricardo Louis, linebackers Kirksey and Jamie Collins, and using backs Isaiah Crowell and Brandon Wilds (who were not in uniform).

    Wilds’ appearance was creatively ignored though was reliable by a group after a game, bringing a count to an even dozen players.

    Those who stood circuitously enclosed punter Britton Colquitt (who also had his palm on his heart), cornerback Jason McCourty, quarterback DeShone Kizer, defensive tackle Trevon Coley and descent tackle Shon Coleman.

    This past week, manager Hue Jackson stood by his players’ right to make a statement, supposing it was pacific and he had allege notice.

    “We honour a players; we honour a flag,” Jackson pronounced Monday night. “Those guys came to me and talked to me about it before they ever done a preference to do it.”

    “We were not perplexing to disregard a dwindle or be a daze to a team, though as group we suspicion we had a right to mount adult for what we believed in, and we demonstrated that,” Peppers said.

    Players pronounced they had not suspicion past this game, so they could not contend either it was a one-time thing or if it will continue.

    “It saddens me that in 2017 we have to do something like that,” DeValve said. “I privately would like to contend that we adore this country. we adore a inhabitant anthem. I’m really beholden to a group and women who have given their lives and give a lot each day to strengthen this gentle and offer this country. we wish to respect them as most as we can.

    “The United States is a biggest nation in a world. It is since it provides opportunities to adults that no other nation does. The emanate is that it doesn’t yield equal event to everybody.

    “I wanted to support my African-American teammates currently who wanted to take a knee.”

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