15 of Betty White’s Best Quotes for her 95th Birthday

Betty White is one of a many zodiacally dear celebrities out there. How beloved? Well, in a loss days of 2016, a few weeks before her 95th birthday, a organisation of endangered adults started a GoFundMe to “protect” White from 2016 (a.k.a. a year we mislaid some extraordinary celebrities). They needn’t have worried: White strike a miracle birthday Tuesday with nary a join in her step, and in respect of that useful occasion, we’re picking a few of her best quips, zingers and quotes to assistance celebrate.

“My answer to anything underneath a sun, like, ‘What have we not finished in a business that you’ve always wanted to do?’ is: ‘Robert Redford.’ ”
— on The Insider

“Darling, we were ostensible to try a galaxy. Not fill it.”
 to William Shatner during his Comedy Central roast

“I’ve worked with utterly a few. Maybe had a couple. And we know who we are.” 
— usurpation her lifetime feat endowment at a 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards

“I’ve always favourite comparison men. They’re usually some-more appealing to me. Of course, during my age there aren’t that many left!”
to Parade

“Have we got them fooled.”
 on being referred to as “a legend,” to Joy Behar

“I’m a health nut. My favorite food is prohibited dogs with French fries. And my exercise: we have a two-story residence and a really bad memory, so I’m adult and down those stairs.”
— to The New York Times

“Vodka is kind of a hobby.”
— to David Letterman

“Get during slightest 8 hours of beauty nap a night; 9 if you’re ugly.”
— to David Letterman

“I adore children, a usually problem with children: they grow adult to be people, and we usually like animals improved than people. It’s that simple.”
— in an talk with Entertainment Tonight

“I didn’t know what Facebook was and now that we do know what it is, it sounds like a outrageous rubbish of time … during my age if  I wish to bond with aged friends, we need a Ouija house … In my day, saying cinema of people’s vacations was deliberate a punishment.”
— from her 2010 opening digression on Saturday Night Live

“[Men are] a hobby of mine. They competence not know it, though.”

“I married my initial father since we wanted to nap together. It lasted 6 months and we were in bed for 6 months.”
to AARP The Magazine

“You can distortion to anyone in a universe and even get divided with it, perhaps, though when we are alone and demeanour into your possess eyes in a mirror, we can’t avoid a truth. Always be certain we can accommodate those eyes directly.”
— from her book, If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won’t)

It’s amazing—past a certain age, we can get divided with murder. You can do anything and people will say, “Well, a bad aged soul, she’s … we know …’ ”
— to Harper’s Bazaar

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