2017 NBA Playoffs: The Eight Biggest Questions

After months of anticipation, a NBA playoffs will embark on Saturday.

Let’s preview a 8 first-round matchups by digging into one blazing doubt apiece, starting in a East. Also be certain to check out our party rankings for a first-round series and Andrew Sharp’s 10 many intriguing players.

1. Are a Celtics during risk of an upset?

Let’s acknowledge this adult front: The Bulls endured a foolish offseason, a bewildering trade deadline and a muted unchanging deteriorate on a whole. Indeed, their 41-41 record and a fact that they indispensable to kick a half-dead Nets organisation usually to make a postseason ideally encapsulates a abyss of their mediocrity. They onslaught mightily whenever Jimmy Butler leaves a justice and a good cube of a season-opening revolution is now orbiting Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City interjection to a Cameron Payne trade. Chicago positively corroborated into a East’s No. 8 seed: Detroit was some-more than happy to go fishing and Miami would have done it if not a Dion Waiters injury.

More importantly, though, Boston corroborated into a East’s No. 1 seed too. The Bulls competence be essentially injured in mixed ways, nonetheless a Celtics are singly vulnerable. Their +2.6 indicate differential is simply a lowest symbol for a No. 1 seed over a final decade, good subsequent a prior low of +4.4, set by a 2014 Pacers, who indispensable 7 games to discharge a unsure Hawks organisation in a initial round. What’s more, a +2.2 indicate differential opening between a Celtics (+2.6) and a Bulls (+0.4) is smaller than a gaps between dual new important No. 1 vs. No. 8 upsets: a 2011 Grizzlies over a Spurs (+3.4 gap) and a 2012 Sixers over a Bulls (+4 gap). That opening also happens to be smaller than 6 of a other 7 2017 first-round match-ups, with usually a Clippers vs. Jazz array (+0.4 gap) being closer.  

There are a few points of regard for Boston. First, they face all a vigour as a No. 1 seed. Second, their best player, All-NBA claimant Isaiah Thomas, ranks as a league’s misfortune indicate ensure when it comes to Defensive Real Plus-Minus and has nonetheless to win a playoff series. Third, their offense lacks a second go-to scorer and is heavily reliant on three-pointers even nonetheless Boston ranks usually 14th in three-point percentage. Fourth, Butler is a best all-around actor in a array and he’s been clever in late-game scenarios this year, ranking seventh in purchase points and carrying a Bulls to a duration of wins over peculiarity opponents (including a array separate with a Celtics). Fifth, Boston GM Danny Ainge opted to lay parsimonious during a deadline while Cleveland, Toronto and Washington all done upgrades. That inaction contributed to a cooling duration that somehow saw Chicago post a improved indicate differential after a All-Star mangle than Boston.  

The Celtics should still win this series: They are deeper, some-more reliable, some-more explosive, and they possess home-court advantage. But it would be distant some-more startling if this array was a cakewalk rather than if it turns into a dogfight.

2. Has everybody lost about Cleveland’s offense?

The immeasurable infancy of a pre-playoffs sound around a Cavaliers has centered on their deplorable invulnerability given a break. Totally fair. It’s crazy that also-rans like a Magic, Knicks, Sixers and Kings could all have stingier defenses given a All-Star mangle than a 29th–ranked Cavaliers, even if a fortifying champions clearly downshifted into third gear.  

But that’s usually half a story. Despite their unsure play over a final few months, Cleveland still hexed an insanely good offense. Consider: Cleveland’s 113.6 descent potency rating is improved than any of a final 10 title-winners, including a 2013 Heat (112.3) and a 2015 Warriors (111.6). In addition, a Cavaliers have attempted some-more three-pointers and connected during a improved rate than a Warriors this season. Mike D’Antoni’s Rockets and a Warriors’ Splash Brothers tend to get many of a courtesy when it comes to long-distance proficiency, nonetheless Cleveland is now in position to go shot for shot with anybody. LeBron James is carrying his best three-point sharpened deteriorate in years, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are proven shooters, visitor Kyle Korver is eminent for his knockdown ability, and J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye and Deron Williams are all means spacers.

Aesthetically, a 2017 Cavaliers should be a conflicting of a injury-ravaged 2015 Cavaliers, who incited to ground-and-pound turn to strech a Finals. If Cleveland even comes tighten to reaching a descent roof over a subsequent dual months, it shouldn’t need an chosen invulnerability to get by a East. More immediately, a Cavaliers should feel assured in their ability to outgun a Pacers, who conceded some-more threes than they done this season.

3. How will Kyle Lowry demeanour alongside Toronto’s midseason additions?

Most of a “flip-switching” speak in new weeks has centered around a Warriors and Cavaliers, and for good reasons: Golden State is welcoming behind Kevin Durant to a league’s many installed register while Cleveland gets to bask in LeBron James’ six-year intra-conference invincibility. That said, Toronto unequivocally shouldn’t be left out of this conversation. It’s not so many that a Raptors can flip a switch, it’s some-more that they combined some new lamps to a well-lit room behind in Feb and haven’t nonetheless had a possibility to spin on all of a lights during a same time.

For context, All-Star indicate ensure Kyle Lowry logged a grand sum of 28 mins with a Raptors’ dual midseason acquisitions, Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker, due to a wrist damage that sidelined him from mid-February to early-April. Ideally, that contingent will record that many mins together, or more, over a initial dual games of a first-round array opposite Milwaukee, as all 3 are experienced, hard-nosed, intelligent two-way contributors who assistance Toronto strech a limit lineup versatility.

Raptors skeptics would justly indicate out how formidable it can be to encourage new chemistry underneath a postseason lights, generally opposite a immature and gifted loser like a Bucks who underline a do-everything, All-NBA match-up calamity in Giannis Antetokounmpo and enter a playoffs with a decent volume of certain momentum. The optimist’s view, however, is that Toronto—much like Golden State and Cleveland—might not nonetheless have had a possibility to play a best basketball of a season. If that proves to be a case, a Cavaliers and Raptors could be headed for a unequivocally intriguing second-round matchup.

4. Will Washington’s league-leading lineup infer to be a blessing or a curse?

Here’s another conspicuous array in a deteriorate full of them: Washington’s elite starting lineup of John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat logged a league-leading 1,347 mins together, that is an eye-popping 467 some-more mins than a NBA’s No. 2 most-used lineup (Minnesota’s starters before Zach LaVine got hurt). Keep digging, and you’ll learn that Washington’s starters are a clever +8.5 this season, improved than Cleveland’s most-used organisation (+6.2 for a Big 3 and Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith) and Boston’s most-used quintet of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson and Al Horford (+6.2).

Put simply, Washington’s best 5 has played some-more effectively and played far more mins together than a tip foe in a East. Its first-round opponent, Atlanta, doesn’t have a singular five-man organisation that has logged even 450 mins together this season. Near-perfect health is clearly a vital cause here, as all 5 Wizards starters seemed in 76 or some-more games this season. Another cause is this group’s glorious balance: Washington’s starters embody 5 reasonable scoring threats, mixed ball-handlers and initiators (Wall and Beal), mixed spacers (Beal, Porter and Morris), a good interior finisher (Gortat) and good interchangeability between a guards and forwards. The Wizards can gaunt so heavily on a singular lineup given it matches adult good with large lineups and tiny lineups alike, and given it doesn’t embody any apparent diseased links. This is a squad.

This turn of faith on a singular group, though, can be problematic. One injury, even a teen one, changes a whole equation. So does tainted difficulty or a probable ejection if things get chippy. While Kelly Oubre has supposing good mins in place of Morris when called upon, he’s still immature and a Wizards’ other pot are, generally speaking, even reduction trustworthy. Being means to change in and out of opposite looks as matchups aver is also a pivotal underline of a contender. Both Cleveland and Toronto have this ability. Washington, however, competence not, and on paper a revolution looks receptive to curveball lineups that can put Gortat in formidable defensive situations. Will a Hawks be means to impulse a Wizards’ proven formula? Maybe not, nonetheless a organisation that caps out during 50 wins with glorious smoothness and health is roughly positively going to be unprotected by someone with larger abyss and/or versatility.

5. Will Golden State’s miss of purchase reps matter?

The bar should be set really, really, really, unequivocally high for a Warriors, who usually posted a best indicate differential given a 1996 Bulls and a fourth-best indicate differential in NBA history. Maybe this goes yet saying, nonetheless Golden State is as low into “title or bust” domain now as it’s even been, in partial given of a Kevin Durant poaching and in partial given it feels unfit for a organisation to win 140 games over dual seasons and not have a ring to uncover for it. The Warriors have a many talent, good health, home-court advantage via a playoffs, clever head-to-head showings opposite probably all of their discussion foes, and a 2,000-pound chip on their shoulders after their meme-generating Finals collapse. There are no excuses.

Golden State’s regular-season prevalence and Durant’s fluky knee damage have put a actor and organisation in an surprising situation. This year, a Warriors played a league-low 25 purchase games and Durant seemed in usually 66 mins of purchase play (a diversion within 5 points presumably proceed in a final 5 mins or overtime). By comparison, Durant played in during slightest 144 purchase mins in any of his final 5 healthy seasons in Oklahoma City, definition he had good subsequent half as many crunchtime repetitions as he’s turn used to this season. In that tiny sample, Durant didn’t accurately set a universe on fire, sharpened usually 2-of-13 on threes and 44.4% altogether from a margin (well subsequent his 53.7 FG% for a season). As a team, Golden State posted a clever 16-9 record in purchase games, nonetheless that was distant brief of their 30-4 purchase record final deteriorate and not as good as their 23-8 purchase record in 2014-15.

There’s small doubt that a Warriors’ best five—Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green—is a many harmful lineup in basketball. Over a subsequent few weeks, as a Warriors ramp adult from their well-spoken lope regular-season pace, it will be value gripping an eye on how they play in tighten games, generally on a road. If Curry stays concerned and Durant plays absolutely and some-more good in shutting time, it will fast turn even some-more formidable to prognosticate anyone other than a Warriors holding home a Larry O’Brien trophy. The No. 8 seed Blazers will need to get core Jusuf Nurkic behind on a justice and to play their best invulnerability of a deteriorate to have a shot during creation things even softly interesting.   

6. How prolonged can Tony Parker keep a vultures during bay?

Big picture, a Spurs’ ability to follow a marvellous unchanging deteriorate with a likewise considerable postseason will tumble on Kawhi Leonard’s shoulders first. The 2017 MVP claimant contingency strive significantly larger change on a gameplay than he did late during a 2015 first-round detriment to a Clippers and a 2016 second-round detriment to a Thunder. Pick an alpha dog cliché—“He has to be The Man now” or “He has to go down shooting”—and it will need to request if San Antonio, a league’s second-best team, is going to get by James Harden, Kevin Durant, or LeBron James (or presumably all three) to startle a universe and win a title.  

But even these Spurs, with their sole All-Star and many aging collection during a initial post-Tim Duncan year, are a collective. While Leonard will do a heaviest lifting, he can count on plenty amounts of assistance from a chronically underrated LaMarcus Aldridge and San Antonio’s other ancillary pieces. The biggest doubt mark, given San Antonio’s intensity playoff path, is Tony Parker, who during 34 averaged a fewest mins of his career, posted his lowest PER given his rookie season, and had his misfortune True Shooting % given he was a teenager. Even nonetheless a Spurs achieved improved both offensively and defensively with Patty Mills on a justice and even nonetheless he missed roughly a entertain of a deteriorate due to mixed teen injuries, Parker remained in a starting role.

Parker’s new postseason lane record is full of holes. In 2015, he had mixed no-shows opposite a Clippers. Last year, he was ineffectual some-more mostly than not opposite a younger and some-more bomb Thunder. San Antonio should have a ability to censor him off a turn defensively in a initial spin opposite a Grizzlies and maybe even during times in a second spin opposite Houston (or Oklahoma City), nonetheless that won’t be an choice opposite Golden State and/or Cleveland if San Antonio keeps advancing. Spurs manager Gregg Popovich was rational in his diagnosis of Duncan’s personification time final year, tying his minutes, infrequently considerably, as matchups warranted. Is Parker headed down a same highway this year? And will Mills be adult to a charge once San Antonio advances into deeper H2O opposite worse competition? 

7. How many mins will Russell Westbrook play?

No manager exercised some-more patience this deteriorate than Oklahoma City’s Billy Donovan, who somehow managed to keep Russell Westbrook to 34.6 MPG. Nineteen (!) opposite players averaged some-more personification time than a Thunder’s MVP claimant this season, notwithstanding a fact that Oklahoma City frequently fell detached whenever he left a court. When Westbrook rested, a Thunder’s descent potency forsaken by a whopping 10.5 points and a defensive potency forsaken by 1.8 points. With Westbrook on a court, a Thunder’s offense was equal to a league’s 11th–best attack. With him on a bench, Oklahoma City’s offense forsaken to passed final by a mile.

2017 NBA Playoffs: West Preview IMG

Given Westbrook’s ubiquitous brilliance, his record-breaking use rate and Oklahoma City’s miss of means back-ups, there’s good reason to trust that a Thunder’s record would have been even improved if Donovan had leaned some-more heavily on his best player. But this proceed succeeded on mixed fronts: Oklahoma City absolutely done a playoffs, Westbrook hold adult for 81 games, and he still had adequate time to secure his triple-double normal for a season.

Now that it’s do or die time, Donovan is giveaway to entirely unleash Westbrook, who has averaged 37.7 MPG during his postseason career. At what point, exactly, would personification Westbrook furnish abating returns? 40 MPG? 42 MPG? Would anyone unequivocally error a Thunder if Westbrook averaged 44 MPG, as LeBron James did for a Heat during a 2011 playoffs? Westbrook’s ability (or inability) to say Oklahoma City’s descent potency underneath a larger mins bucket competence unequivocally good infer to be a determining cause in a Thunder’s first-round dissapoint bid opposite a Rockets. With Westbrook on a court, Oklahoma City has a possibility to trade punches with Houston’s high-powered, James Harden-led attack. Without him, they’re clearly overmatched.

8. Can 2015 Blake Griffin make a reappearance?

Let’s put aside a “Clippers are headed for an unavoidable blowup” screeching for a moment. There’s no doubt that, after a humbling 0-4 deteriorate array with a Warriors, a probable second-round showdown with their Pacific Division rivals looks like a genocide judgment that could detonate LA’s core for good come July. The some-more obligatory question, a one that directly impacts LA’s ability to allege to face Golden State, is either Blake Griffin can rekindle a marvellous form he final displayed during a 2015 playoffs.

Griffin is a latest instance that dual years in a NBA can feel like an eternity. In 2015, he averaged 25.5 PPG, 12.7 RPG and 6.1 APG while sharpened 51.1 FG% and logging scarcely 40 MPG as a Clippers fell one win brief of a West finals. Griffin was everywhere during that 14-game widen opposite a Spurs and Rockets, removing out in a open court, creation plays for his teammates with his passing, putting consistent vigour on hostile frontlines with his rebounding, and exerting limit change with his physicality and energy. After dialing it behind a bit during a 2014-15 season, Griffin went all out for a month true and it was a site to behold.

Since then, he’s undergone mixed surgeries, been fined and dangling for punching a organisation employee, damaged down during a 2016 playoffs released a open reparation to Clippers fans, and missed 68 games over a final dual unchanging seasons. He’s missed out on both All-Star and All-NBA honors and depressed off a radar. Nevertheless, his 2016-17 stats are scarcely matching to his 2014-15 numbers, and he’s been healthy given he returned from a teen knee medicine in late-January. His first-round positional matchup is auspicious too: Utah’s Derrick Favors hasn’t logged 30 mins in a diversion in some-more than a month, Boris Diaw has shown vital signs of age-related decrease this season, and a Jazz’s other register pieces miss a knowledge and earthy collection to hoop him one-on-one. Griffin should have each opportunity, then, to be a wilful force in this array many like he was opposite a 2015 Spurs. If he proves he still has his fastball, Griffin should indurate his mark nearby a unequivocally tip of this summer’s many desired giveaway agents. If not, a offseason blowup speak will be irrepressible.    

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