2017 NFL draft: Browns take Garrett No. 1; Bears, Chiefs, Texans trade adult for QBs

The Bears pulled a stunner by trade adult one symbol to take quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. (Elsa/Getty Images)

The 2017 NFL breeze is underway. Consider this your lie piece for a 2017 NFL draft, that facilities a transparent No. 1 prospect, large doubt during quarterback and — as it does each year — a guarantee of many worried Roger Goodell bro hugs. Stick right here for live pick-by-pick research and get adult to speed with all a latest pre-draft news below.

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17. Washington Redskins

Team needs: DT, ILB, RB


16. Baltimore Ravens

Team needs: WR, OT, RB, CB

The pick: Marlon Humphrey | CB | Alabama

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome loves Alabama players and he gets a good one in cornerback Marlon Humphrey. It addresses a need for a Ravens. Humphrey becomes a second cornerback taken in this breeze after Marshon Lattimore. There could be several some-more cornerbacks taken in a bottom half of a opening spin with Tre’Davious White, Adoree’ Jackson and maybe Kevin King. — Mark Maske

What he brings: The vital courtesy for Humphrey isn’t a earthy one. He tested good during a combine, regulating a 4.41 in a 40. His courtesy is difficulty personification a spin in a atmosphere when he’s in position to make a play. He’s frequency out of position, nonetheless there are plays he’s left on a margin during his career during Alabama. — John Harris

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1. Cleveland Browns

Team needs: DE/OLB, WR, QB

The pick: Myles Garrett | DE | Texas AM

That’s a right collect by a Browns. Yes, they have a quarterback problem. But no QB was value a No. 1 pick. Not Mitchell Trubisky. Not Deshaun Watson. Not Patrick Mahomes. Not anyone in this draft. Garrett is a potentially widespread pass rusher. That is a reward actor estimable of a tip pick. Now a Browns can concentration on perplexing to trade adult from No. 12 — maybe to No. 5 in a understanding with a Titans — to get Trubisky. — Mark Maske

What he brings: The former Aggie star put on a uncover during a mix in Indianapolis. He ran a 4.64 in a 40-yard dash, put adult 33 dais press reps of 225 pounds, posted a 41-inch straight burst and a 10-foot, 8-inch extended jump. Let me remind you; he finished those tests during 272 pounds. Are we kidding? There are few guarantees in this process, nonetheless Garrett is one. He sealed adult a initial symbol after his stellar weekend in Indy. — John Harris

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2. Chicago Bears (from 49ers)

Team needs: DE, WR, CB

The pick: Mitchell Trubisky | QB | North Carolina

Wow. The breeze has a initial stunner on a second altogether pick. The Bears traded adult one symbol and gave adult utterly a bit to do so. After signing Mike Glennon in giveaway agency, a Bears take a QB with usually 13 collegiate starts on his resume. They pass adult defensive standouts Solomon Thomas, Jamal Adams, Marshon Lattimore and Jonathan Allen. This leaves a Bears open to some vital second-guessing. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Trubisky spun it good during his throwing eventuality during a combine, nonetheless he positively did not take over a tip quarterback position. He threw again during his pro day in mid-March and many felt a same approach about it — solid, nonetheless not a best they’ve ever seen. Watching from afar, we saw something in his recover that was a tiny musty that didn’t uncover adult examination games. — John Harris

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3. San Francisco 49ers (from Bears)

Team needs: S, QB, WR

The pick: Solomon Thomas| DE | Stanford

The Niners advantage severely from a Bears’ extraordinary trade-up for Mitchell Trubisky. The 49ers get a player, in Solomon Thomas, who would have finished ideal clarity for them if they’d stayed put during No. 2. And they advantage from what a Bears surrendered to pierce adult usually one spot. Novice GM John Lynch did unequivocally good with his first-ever breeze choice. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Thomas isn’t a tip riser on this chronicle of a tip 50, nonetheless he’s one of a hottest prospects in this breeze category during this moment. At a combine, a 6-3, 273-pound defensive apprehension ran a 4.69 in a 40, put adult 30 reps, posted a 10-foot-6 extended jump, a 35-inch straight jump, a 6.95 three-cone cavalcade and a 4.28 brief shuttle. He’s a weird in a mold of one of his heroes — Ndamukong Suh. He continues to stand adult breeze play and after a college career in a Bay Area, he competence arise all a approach to San Francisco during No. 2 on breeze night. — John Harris

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4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Team needs: TE, QB, RB

The pick: Leonard Fournette | RB | LSU

That’s a unequivocally essential pierce by Jacksonville. Leonard Fournette gives them a workhorse curtain who can spin a centerpiece of a offense and take vigour off quarterback Blake Bortles. If ever there was a QB who needs vigour taken off him, it’s Bortles. It wasn’t so prolonged ago that regulating such a lofty breeze collect on a regulating behind would have been taboo. But it worked out flattering good for a Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliott, didn’t it? — Mark Maske

What he brings: When it was announced Fournette weighed in during 240 pounds during a combine, there was a hum via a media area. He settled after that day it was H2O weight. Regardless, he was too heavy. He shouldn’t play one day of his NFL career over 230. Yet, he ran a 4.51 in a 40-yard lurch during 240. Being overweight on his contrast day will emanate some concerns and questions for a former Tiger star, nonetheless he seemed unmotivated with any issues teams competence have with him. And he went No. 4, so … — John Harris

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5. Tennessee Titans (from Rams)

The pick: Corey Davis | WR | Western Michigan

The Titans have a fifth and 18th picks and contingency come divided with a far-reaching receiver and a cornerback. They get a wideout first. But it’s controversial possibly Davis is a best receiver in this breeze (over Clemson’s Mike Williams) and it’s unequivocally controversial possibly he’s value a No. 5 altogether choice. It’s startling a Titans were incompetent to trade down. And it’s intensely startling they didn’t go with Marshon Lattimore, a cornerback who would have been good value a No. 5 selection, and afterwards come behind after in this opening spin to get their far-reaching receiver. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Davis suffered an ankle damage that compulsory medicine progressing this offseason and that kept him from completing any contrast for NFL teams. On a field, he’s a legit 4.4 man and that’s some-more than good adequate for a man of his football skill. — John Harris

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6. New York Jets

Team needs: WR, TE, CB, OT

The pick: Jamal Adams | S | LSU

Jamal Adams usually misses being a initial reserve to be comparison in a tip 5 of a NFL breeze given Eric Berry by a Chiefs in 2010. The Jets leave Deshaun Watson on a board, flitting adult a possibility to residence their QB situation. They also go with Adams over cornerback Marshon Lattimore. But Adams is value a No. 6 pick. — Mark Maske

What he brings: The 6-foot, 214-pound Adams ran good during a combine, posting a 4.56 in a 40, a sub-7-second three-cone cavalcade and a 4.13-second brief shuttle. Times such as these infer he has a ability to rotate and play possibly reserve symbol in any conditions or scheme. — John Harris

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7. Los Angeles Chargers

Team needs: OG, S, WR

The pick: Mike Williams | WR | Clemson

Mike Williams was ostensible to be a initial far-reaching receiver taken in this draft. Instead, he is a second, after a surprisingly early preference of Corey Davis by a Titans. He is a legitimate top-10 choice and he’ll be a large item for quarterback Philip Rivers and a Chargers’ offense. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Williams didn’t stir many during a mix and chose not to run a 40. It shouldn’t unequivocally come as a shock, though, that he wasn’t a mix warrior. He’s a jump-ball hazard with superb distance and softened hands. He dominated defensive backs with his technique, distance and hands, not speed. When he ran in a 4.5 operation during Clemson’s pro day, it alleviated any concern. — John Harris

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8. Carolina Panthers

Team needs: RB, DE, CB

The pick: Christian McCaffrey | RB | Stanford

This competence be a tiny bit early for Christian McCaffrey. But Leonard Fournette was off a house and a Panthers positively indispensable a regulating behind with Jonathan Stewart now on a wrong side of age 30. McCaffrey’s flexibility brings a new dimension to a Carolina offense. — Mark Maske

What he brings: There was a hum during a mix whenever McCaffrey entered a room or participated in an event. He posted a 37.5-inch straight jump, along with top-notch change-of-direction cavalcade times, including a time of 6.57 seconds in a three-cone drill. During his position drills, McCaffrey held a spin as naturally as any receiver on site and ran routes as if he were a loyal container receiver. At his pro day during Stanford, he did a same, regulating a litany of routes out of a backfield masterfully. — John Harris

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9. Cincinnati Bengals

Team needs: LB, OT, OG

The pick: John Ross | WR | Washington

John Ross is a speedster. And he’s some-more than that. He’s a good altogether receiver. But was he value a No. 9 collect in this draft? That’s debatable. And a Bengals flitting adult Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster, Marshon Lattimore and Malik Hooker is frequency questionable. — Mark Maske

What he brings: He ran a 4.22 in a 40, violation a new best symbol during a mix of Chris Johnson in 2008. Ross even tweaked his leg during a 39-yard symbol and still pennyless Johnson’s record. Although he didn’t do any serve tests, he finished a poignant impression. If there’s a courtesy about Ross, it’s that he can simply be disrupted by earthy corners and that could pull Ross inside henceforth as a container receiving option. Now, they still have to locate a rapid Ross, who reminds me a good understanding of former Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson. — John Harris

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10. Kansas City (from Bills)

Team needs: CB, ILB, QB

The pick: Patrick Mahomes II | QB | Texas Tech

The Chiefs pierce adult 17 spots, giving adult subsequent year’s first-rounder in a process, to get their QB of a future. They go with Patrick Mahomes instead of Deshaun Watson. Mahomes presumably will spend a arriving deteriorate as Alex Smith’s understudy, examination and training and watchful for his turn. So many for NFL teams being changeable about a QBs in this breeze class. That’s dual off a house in a tip 10, and Deshaun Watson presumably will be taken unequivocally soon. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Similar to Deshaun Watson, Mahomes threw a spin good during a mix nonetheless he didn’t overwhelmingly apart himself from all of a quarterback candidates. He’s got intensity and he’ll have time to rise in Kansas City. — John Harris

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11. New Orleans Saints

Team needs: Slot WR/TE, DE, CB

The pick: Marshon Lattimore | CB | Ohio State

The Saints get propitious and a draft’s tip cornerback, Marshon Lattimore, falls to them during No. 11. The run on descent players in a tip 10 works to a advantage of New Orleans, that is eternally in need of assistance on invulnerability and gets it in a large way. The Saints opted conflicting signing Malcolm Butler to an offer piece in singular giveaway group or (at slightest so far) trade for him. Instead, they accelerate their cornerback corps with this pick. — Mark Maske

What he brings: There’s been so many hum around a cornerbacks in this breeze category and Lattimore is during a tip of a list. He ran a blazing 4.36 in a 40 during a mix and that seemed to close him in a tip cornerback symbol on a draft’s initial night. — John Harris

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12. Houston Texans (from Browns, from Eagles)

Team needs: QB, OT, CB

The pick: Deshaun Watson | QB | Clemson

This is fascinating. The Texans, after a unsuccessful signing of Brock Osweiler final offseason and Tony Romo’s retirement this offseason before Houston could land him, make a confidant trade adult to get Deshaun Watson. Good for a Texans. Having Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden as their QB options was not good adequate for a group that is, in other ways, Super Bowl-ready. The Browns, after trade a collect final year that a Eagles used for Carson Wentz, now trade a collect that a Texans use for Watson. The Browns indispensable to come divided from this breeze with Mitchell Trubisky or Patrick Mahomes or Watson (or Jimmy Garoppolo or Kirk Cousins or AJ McCarron). So far, they haven’t. They continue to assemble breeze picks. But during some point, we indeed have to spin one of them into a authorization QB. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Studying Watson a past 3 seasons, there are controversial throws on tape, some transparent “What a … ?!?” decisions. What creates him a tip quarterback claimant on this board, though, are considerable throws into parsimonious windows and purchase throws late in games. The apparent instance was a purchase opening in a fourth entertain conflicting Alabama for a inhabitant championship. He didn’t overcome scouts and teams with his throwing sessions during a mix or during Clemson’s pro day. — John Harris

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13. Arizona Cardinals

Team needs: QB, S, Slot WR/TE

The pick: Haason Reddick | ILB/OLB | Temple

The early run on descent players has left copiousness of unequivocally good defensive players available. The Cardinals get one of them in Haason Reddick. Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster and Malik Hooker sojourn available. — Mark Maske

What he brings: I missed Reddick’s ranking some-more than any other on my initial Top 50. we knew when we submitted it early in Feb we had ranked him approach too low. His mix opening usually solidified that feeling. At 237 pounds, he ran a 4.52 40, posted a 36.5-inch straight burst and a 11-foot-1 extended jump, along with 24 dais press reps. His Senior Bowl opening showed what’s he able of, nonetheless during a combine, he flashed a athleticism that sealed adult a first-round spot. — John Harris

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14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings)

Team needs: CB, RB, WR

The pick: Derek Barnett | DE | Tennessee

It competence not be an electrifying choice but Derek Barnett is a unequivocally prolific pass rusher. He pennyless Reggie White’s pouch record during Tennessee and now he joins White’s former team, a Eagles. He will be an item to a Philadelphia defense. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Barnett isn’t scarcely as “twitchy” as a other corner players in this breeze category and that was transparent in his contrast during a combine. However, his palm work, strength and speed rushing a passer led to moments of ideal prevalence in a SEC. — John Harris

Draft history

15. Indianapolis Colts

Team needs: DT, DE, ILB, CB, S

The pick: Malik Hooker | S | Ohio State

The teams wanting defensive assistance are going to get some good-value picks during a residue of this opening round, following a early moves for descent players. The Colts advantage with Malik Hooker dropping to them during No. 15. He was suspicion to be top-10-worthy. — Mark Maske

What he brings: Hooker has usually begun to do some jogging and regulating after postseason surgery. That could emanate some stress and could be because he fell out of a tip 10. He was that good, though, in his one year as a starter that drafting him is a distributed risk value taking. — John Harris

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The final ridicule drafts

John Harris and Mark Maske offer their first-round projections. Read their full research by clicking on a links.

Maske’s ridicule draft: It’s Myles Garrett and afterwards it gets complicated

Harris’s ridicule draft: The QBs are formulating disharmony in a initial round

1. Cleveland Browns

Maske: Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas AM
Harris: Garrett

The Browns are reportedly severely deliberation going with a quarterback during this spot? Really? Garrett is a best awaiting in this draft. The Browns desperately need assistance on a edge. Tell me because a Browns wouldn’t take Garrett during this spot. Oh, a quarterback? They also have a 12th collect in a breeze … for now. — Harris

2. San Francisco 49ers

Maske: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
Harris: Thomas

The 49ers are flirting with quarterbacks and melancholy to collect one as high as No. 2. GM John Lynch has also pronounced he’s prepared to circle and deal. In other words, a hazard to take a quarterback is to tempt a group to take Lynch adult on his offer. It won’t happen; a 49ers won’t get an offer to their fondness and will name Thomas in their final notation on a clock. — Harris

3. Chicago Bears

Maske: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
Harris: Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama

The Bears have also pronounced they’re peaceful to trade away the No. 3 pick. No player, though, entices other teams to burst adult to take their guy. Ohio State reserve Malik Hooker is scarcely 100 percent healthy, nonetheless a Bears combined some assistance during reserve in a offseason. They need even some-more assistance during a defensive finish spot, that creates this collect comparatively straightforward. — Harris

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Maske: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
Harris: O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama

The former Alabama parsimonious finish is a ideal fit in Jacksonville, providing a much-needed join hazard for struggling quarterback Blake Bortles. Many contend this is a symbol for Leonard Fournette, nonetheless a Jaguars have no players during parsimonious finish and dual able regulating backs. Howard can yield some-more assistance for Bortles than a two-down, singular intrigue curtain such as Fournette. — Harris

5. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams)

Maske: Trade to Browns, who take Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
Harris: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

The Titans will cruise relocating a 18th collect in a draft, nonetheless with Hooker on a board, GM Jon Robinson stands pat to name a Ohio State safety. With assurances that he’s nearby full health, Robinson will eventually group Hooker with 2016 breeze collect Kevin Byard. Robinson and a Titans incited final year’s No. 1 pick into all-pro rookie tackle Jack Conklin, NT Austin Johnson, RB Derrick Henry, Hooker and a third-round collect to be motionless in this draft. Wow. — Harris

6. New York Jets

Maske: Deshaun Watson, QB, North Carolina
Harris: Trade to Browns, who take Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

GM Mike Maccagnan should adore traffic with a Browns and their annuity of breeze picks. Maccagnan will take a brood of picks, including No. 12 and potentially former Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler, to pierce down to 12. The Browns, in turn, breeze a internal child before a Bills do during No. 10. Garrett and Trubisky should be cornerstone pieces for a foreseeable destiny and this is a Sonny Weaver Jr.-like transport for a Browns on Thursday night. — Harris

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Maske: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
Harris: Adams

The Chargers will cruise Davis during this symbol to give Philip Rivers another arms in a flitting game, nonetheless GM Tom Telesco knows he has to accelerate a reserve position or a interior of his descent line. This is a tad too high for any of a descent linemen on a board, so Telesco will name Adams. — Harris

8. Carolina Panthers

Maske: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State
Harris: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

The Panthers contingency say a diversified offense that does not underline a brood of designed Cam Newton runs. Newton has taken a pulsation in prior seasons and it took a fee on a 2015 NFL MVP in 2016. McCaffrey allows a offense to sojourn mixed and diversified interjection to his multidimensional talents, some-more so than Fournette. — Harris

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Maske: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
Harris: Foster

The NFL Scouting Combine incidents (yes, plural), will spin divided copiousness of teams, nonetheless not a Bengals. Head manager Marvin Lewis and association have frequency created off those that clearly can’t be saved. Foster can be, and he can jump-start this Cincinnati defense. Kevin Minter was combined to prove a need during linebacker, nonetheless Foster is an even improved fit. — Harris

10. Buffalo Bills

Maske: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
Harris: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan 

The Bills will cruise all a quarterbacks nonetheless with Mitchell Trubisky off a board, they’ll file in on weapons to assistance their stream starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Davis has been a bit of a poser in this routine as he rehabbed an injury, nonetheless he’s a many finish receiver in this draft. — Harris

11. New Orleans Saints

Maske: Marlon Humphre, CB, Alabama
Harris: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

The Saints have negotiated terms with Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, nonetheless it doesn’t seem as if a understanding will get done. If it does, a Saints can concentration on some linebacker help, potentially Temple multiple linebacker Haason Reddick. But, with no understanding imminent, a Saints will take Lattimore. — Harris

Maske: Trade to Titans, who take Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
Harris: Trade to Jets, who take Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

Note: Harris finished this preference before a passionate attack indictment conflicting Conley.

The Jets pierce down to No. 12, collect adult a Browns second-round collect and name Lattimore’s teammate Conley. Current Jets cornerbacks Buster Skrine, Morris Claiborne and others certainly will not dominate Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill any time soon. Conley will assistance in that regard. — Harris

13. Arizona Cardinals

Maske: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
Harris: Mahomes

Mahomes will lay behind Carson Palmer and learn from Bruce Arians, who once scholastic Mahomes’s football doppelgänger Ben Roethlisberger. Of a quarterbacks in this, and a next, breeze that Arians could mold into a star, Mahomes fits a check as good as anyone. — Harris

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings)

Maske: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
Harris: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

Fournette will immediately spin a produce in this offense, holding on a Zeke Elliott purpose in Philadelphia. A Wentz-Fournette multiple isn’t utterly Prescott-Elliott, nonetheless it’s a step in a right direction. — Harris

15. Indianapolis Colts

Maske: Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama
Harris: Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State

New GM Chris Ballard has finished some intelligent moves in giveaway agency, appropriation girl for bonus prices. McDowell, though, will immediately spin a best interior actor in a Colts jersey, no matter where he aligns. — Harris

16. Baltimore Ravens

Maske: O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
Harris: John Ross, WR, Washington

The Ravens don’t have a unchanging go-to hazard in a flitting game. We’re all still watchful to see what Breshad Perriman can do and Mike Wallace is usually a nine-route in waiting. (Think Tim Brown going long.) Ross, if healthy, opens adult a totally conflicting dimension for a Ravens flitting diversion in a nearby future. — Harris

17. Washington Redskins

Maske: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford
Harris: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

The further of Zach Brown allows a Redskins to bypass linebacker in Round 1. In so doing, a Redskins can concentration precisely on a third, and last, first-round regulating behind prospect. Rob Kelley had a jot of above-average moments final year, nonetheless Cook is on a conflicting level. As prolonged as he didn’t destroy his medicals, this feels like a right symbol for a former Seminole star. — Harris

18. Tennessee Titans

Maske: Kevin King, CB, Washington
Harris: Trade to Raiders, who take Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

The Raiders need an inside linebacker yesterday. we was struck by how tiny and delayed a Raiders’ inside linebackers were in 2016 and it’s transparent an evident ascent is necessary. Reddick isn’t a biggest linebacker by any means, nonetheless he can stay on a margin on all 3 downs, rushing from a outside, if necessary, conflicting 2016 defensive actor of a year Khalil Mack. — Harris

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Maske: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
Harris: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

DE Noah Spence showed some intensity as a rookie in 2016 and William Gholston re-signed with a Bucs after 4 seasons with a squad. Neither, however, can do what Barnett can. The former Volunteer has a intensity to be a three-down actor subsequent to McCoy, environment a corner conflicting a run, afterwards rushing a corner conflicting Spence. — Harris

20. Denver Broncos

Maske: Ryan Ramczyk, T, Wisconsin
Harris: Garett Bolles, T, Utah

The Broncos’ descent line has been a source of courtesy in Denver for a while and Bolles is a best loyal tackle awaiting on a board. He’s going to be a work in progress, given his unawareness personification a position. His athleticism, though, is too many for a Broncos to eschew during this spot. — Harris

21. Detroit Lions

Maske: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple
Harris: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan

The Lions’ pass rush could use some assistance and a loyal 4-3 energy finish from Michigan is waiting. This competence be a few picks aloft than Charlton is projected to be selected, nonetheless he fits a Detroit invulnerability with his size, length and ability to rush a passer. — Harris

22. Miami Dolphins

Maske: Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky
Harris: Lamp

Once Branden Albert was traded to Jacksonville and Laremy Tunsil changed from ensure to fill Albert’s left tackle position, it was transparent that Lamp indispensable to be in their crosshairs. Keep an eye, though, on Alabama descent tackle Cam Robinson here, too. The Dolphins had success transitioning Tunsil from tackle to guard. They could do a same with Robinson. — Harris

23. New York Giants

Maske: Cam Robinson, T, Alabama
Harris: David Njoku, TE, Miami

The Giants couldn’t have had a improved conditions truly tumble right into their laps. The further of Brandon Marshall, alongside Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard, should concede Njoku a event to consistently run unabated down a field. An contestant of this size should make life that many easier for quarterback Eli Manning. If a regulating behind drops to No. 23, a Giants should make him a pick, nonetheless Njoku is an adequate satisfaction esteem if that does not happen. — Harris

24. Oakland Raiders

Maske: Garrett Bolles, T, Utah
Harris: Trade to Titans, who take Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

The Titans traded down from No. 18 to this symbol with an eye on a receiver or a cornerback. With Williams on a board, a preference was easy. The Titans can prominence a defensive behind with one of their Day 2 selections (one their own, one from L.A. from final year’s trade and another from a progressing trade with a Raiders). — Harris

25. Houston Texans

Maske: Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC
Harris: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

As an worker of a Texans, I’ve offering this preference adult to my friends during The Post, as has spin a custom. This one will make a fans of Houston ecstatic. Although we consider a Texans will usually go with a quarterback here if possibly Watson or Mahomes is on a board, selecting Watson will make for an intensely engaging training stay during The Greenbrier in West Virginia this summer. — Harris

26. Seattle Seahawks

Maske: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
Harris: Ryan Ramczyk, T, Wisconsin

Drafting one symbol forward of Seattle, a Texans need a right tackle badly, nonetheless need a quarterback, too. They could still warn by selecting Ramczyk, nonetheless in a end, Watson is too good during that symbol to pass up. That allows a Seahawks to breeze Ramczyk. In doing so, they can leave final year’s first-round selection, Germain Ifedi, during guard, where he belongs, and concede Ramczyk to rise during tackle. — Harris

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Maske: Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida
Harris: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

The Chiefs don’t have a unchanging answer during cornerback conflicting Marcus Peters, so Humphrey creates a ton of clarity in this spot. He’s earthy and can run, nonetheless needs work on personification a spin in a air. The Chiefs will supplement some abyss during linebacker, defensive line and regulating behind in after rounds. — Harris

28. Dallas Cowboys

Maske: Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
Harris: Jabrill Peppers, S/LB, Michigan

The Cowboys don’t have a arguable pass-rusher, nonetheless they also mislaid dual starters during a reserve position in giveaway agency. Byron Jones will take over during one position, while Jeff Heath is slated to step into a other. Peppers is a many some-more savoury option, that allows Heath to stay in a nickel role. Peppers’s batch has taken a hit in a days heading adult to a draft, however. — Harris

29. Green Bay Packers

Maske: T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin
Harris: Kevin King, CB, Washington

King’s name hasn’t been thrown around all that many for first-round consideration, nonetheless he’s 6-foot-3, can fly and was frequency prolific during Washington conflicting Sidney Jones, who would’ve been off a house if not for an Achilles damage he suffered on his pro day. The Packers’ cornerback conditions is distant from best and a athletically means King fills a need here for certain. — Harris

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Maske: David Njoku, TE, Miami
Harris: T.J. Watt, OLB/ILB, Wisconsin

The Steelers have worked out quarterbacks privately, including Mahomes, nonetheless he and dual others are off a board. As such, teams during a tip apportionment of a second spin have no inducement to pierce adult and trade with Pittsburgh. The Steelers need some-more prolongation rushing a quarterback from Bud Dupree. The preference of one of a best pass rushers in this breeze should get Dupree’s courtesy or get him benched. Watt could also pierce to inside linebacker subsequent to Ryan Shazier, if it gets him on a margin with Dupree. — Harris

Maske: Takk McKinley, OLB/DE, UCLA
Harris: McKinley

The Falcons are all about speed. Look during this defense. Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett, pass-rushing star Vic Beasley, inside linebacker Deion Jones and a youngsters in a delegate can all fly. With Beasley and McKinley rushing from a corner on third down, a Falcons won’t concede NFC South quarterbacks Cam Newton, Drew Brees or Jameis Winston many time to routine and chuck down a field. — Harris

32. New Orleans Saints

Maske: John Ross, WR, Washington
Harris: Charles Harris, OLB/DE, Missouri

The Saints could use this collect in a understanding to bravery Malcolm Butler from New England, nonetheless it doesn’t seem as if a Saints are prepared to make that move. As such, a Saints clearly always need pass-rushing assistance and Harris is a many energetic actor on a board. If a Saints finish Thursday night with Lattimore and Harris, they’ll be now improved during dual pivotal positions. — Harris

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