3-year-old Muncie, Ind. lady dies days after being hospitalized with flu-like symptoms

A Muncie, Ind. family is ravaged after anticipating their 3-year-old daughter upheld days after she was sent home from a sanatorium with flu-like symptoms.

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Alivia Viellieux’s grandmother Tameka Stettler pronounced a family motionless not to immunize her for influenza this year, reports WRTV. It’s a preference she pronounced they’ll now spend a rest of their lives second-guessing.

“Alivia did not have it since they had told us once a influenza is going around, it’s not gonna matter if we got it or not. We only motionless not to put those chemicals in a girl’s physique if it’s not gonna help,” Stettler said.

Alivia’s family was formulation her birthday subsequent month, though now they’re formulation a wake instead.

“She was eating Cheerios final night. She was walking final night. How does that only happen?” Stettler said.

Alivia’s relatives found her upheld Monday morning.

“They put her to nap final night and afterwards they went to check on her currently and she had upheld divided in her sleep,” Stettler said.

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Alivia’s family took her to a hospital for flu-like symptoms final Tuesday. She tested certain for Influenza A.

The hospital sent her to a puncture room during Ball Memorial Hospital, her heat during 106 degrees. The doctors sent Alivia home Thursday when she seemed to be doing better.

“She was holding her fluids. They took a IV out, and she was celebration on her own,” Stettler said.

Those improvements done her remarkable genocide all a some-more heartbreaking.

“She was always happy, she was always sitting in. She was so full of life! It’s so sad,” Stettler said.

Stettler says her granddaughter was always a core of attention, desired personification outward and desired being with her sister. She hadn’t even started preschool yet.

“She was starting this year. She was already sealed adult to go,” she said.

According to a Indiana State Department of Health, 31 influenza deaths were reported final week.

“Nothing anybody says or does is going to move that small lady behind to us,” Stettler said.

If it is reliable Alivia died from a flu, it would be a second Indiana influenza genocide this deteriorate in a child 4 or younger.

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