5 people hospitalized after eating gas hire nacho cheese

Five people have been hospitalized after eating nacho cheese from a Sacramento gas station, California officials said.

Officials have connected 5 botulism illness cases to Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas hire in a Walnut Grove suburb, a Sacramento Bee reported.

Officials trust a law-breaker is nacho cheese, though a review is ongoing.

Sacramento health officials are also looking into 4 cases that might be related.

Botulism, a singular food poisoning, can lead to paralysis, respirating problem and infrequently death.

One of a people disgusted final month has filed a lawsuit opposite a gas station.

Lavinia Kelly has been in a sanatorium for 3 weeks and is incompetent to speak. Kelly also can’t keep her eyelids open, her partner, Ricky Torres said.

Officials have nude a gas hire of the assent to sell food and drinks. Employees have not responded to requests for comment.

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