7 Ways To Avoid Last-Minute Tax Filing Errors

I know this substantially isn’t gripping we adult during night, though there are ways to goofus adult your taxation return. The good part: If you’re careful, they are totally avoidable.

Whether we do your possess lapse or use a preparer, there are certain equipment that always outing adult taxpayers. Here are a many common mistakes, according to a IRS:


1. Missing or Inaccurate Social Security Numbers. Be certain to enter any SSN on a taxation lapse accurately as printed on a Social Security card. A wrong Social Security series won’t compare adult with a IRS complement and it will outcome in a check of your filing and return.

2. Misspelled Names. Spell all names listed on a taxation lapse accurately as listed on that individual’s Social Security card. Note: My mother and we got tripped adult on a corner lapse one year since her name wasn’t in a IRS complement as a hyphenated maiden-surname.

3. Math Mistakes. They operation from elementary further and division to some-more formidable items. Transactions like reckoning a taxable apportionment of a pension, IRA placement or Social Security advantages are some-more formidable and outcome in some-more errors.

Double check your math. Better yet, taxation credentials program does it automatically, so record electronically.

4. Errors in Figuring Tax Credits/Deductions of Filing Status Errors. Filers can make mistakes reckoning their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child and Dependent Care Credit, a customary reduction and other items.

For example, if a taxpayer is age 65 or older, or blind, they should be certain to explain a correct, aloft customary deduction. The IRS Interactive Tax Assistant can assistance establish if a taxpayer is authorised for taxation credits or deductions (see below).

You should also check if you’re single, or filing corner returns. Status matters a lot in last your taxation rates. Some people explain a wrong filing status, such as Head of Household instead of Single.

5. Incorrect Bank Account Numbers. The IRS strongly urges all taxpayers who have a reinstate due to select approach deposit. It’s easy and convenient. Be clever to use a right routing and comment numbers on a taxation return. The fastest and safest approach to get a reinstate is to mix e-file with approach deposit.

6. Forms Not Signed. An unsigned taxation lapse is like an unsigned check – it’s not valid. Both spouses contingency pointer a corner return.

Taxpayers can equivocate this blunder by filing their lapse electronically. Sign an e-filed taxation lapse digitally before promulgation it to a IRS.

7. PIN Errors. When e-filing, a taxpayer signs and validates a taxation lapse electronically with a prior-year Self-Select Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If we do not have or know your PIN, we should enter your Adjusted Gross Income from your 2015 taxation lapse creatively filed with a IRS. Always keep a duplicate of your taxation lapse in a protected place.

To equivocate cyberthievery, don’t share your PIN with anyone or email it to your preparer. Also be wakeful that if you’re emailing your lapse to anyone though a IRS — and it’s unencrypted — it could be stolen. And if anyone calls we and says they will detain we — and says they’re from a IRS — hang adult immediately.

For some-more assistance on filing standing and customary deduction, check out a IRS Interactive Tax Assistant.

John F. Wasik is a author of  “Lightning Strikes,” “The Debt-Free Degree,” “Keynes’s Way to Wealth“and 13 other books on innovation, income and life. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.  

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