762 murders. 12 months. 1 American city.

Updated 1:50 PM ET, Mon Jan 2, 2017

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On New Years Eve, people carried scarcely 800 wooden crosses temperament a names of those killed in Chicago in 2016.

Renee Canadys son, Deandre Holiday, was killed in a early hours of Jan 1, 2016, after removing into a fight. He was 24.

Theodria Constanoplis grandson, Lewis D. Johnson, was killed on Jun 8, 2016.

Sonia Fierros son, Armani Fierro, died in August.

Brittney Porters father, Robert Porter Jr., was killed on Sep 4, 2016.Michael Torres brother, Louis Antonio Torres, was killed in November. Etyra Ruffin, 10 years old.Etyra Ruffin, 10 years old.


Devin Henderson, 11 years old.Devin Henderson, 11 years old.


  • 3,550 sharpened incidents

  • 4,331 sharpened victims

  • 8,300 guns recovered — a 20% boost from 2015

  • 10% some-more gun arrests in 2016

Source: Chicago Police Department

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