A German Lawmaker Wants a State to Pay for Prostitutes for a Elderly

A German antithesis lawmaker has been criticized for suggesting on Sunday that authorities could finance paid sex for patients requiring nursing care.

The Green Party’s mouthpiece on caring policy, Elisabeth Scharfenberg, told Welt am Sonntag journal that she could suppose authorities “financing passionate assistance.”

Prostitution has been authorised in Germany given 2002 and a journal also wrote that Scharfenberg’s idea has a roots in a complement formed in a Netherlands, where field have to infer a medical need and uncover that they are differently incompetent to compensate for a sex workman themselves.

Governing Social Democrats lawmaker Karl Lauterbach told Bild daily on Monday that a nation did not “need paid harlotry in homes for a elderly, and positively not on prescription,” Associated Press reports.


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