A timeline of new attacks on Egypt’s Christians

Sunday’s bombings of dual Coptic churches in apart cities claimed by a Islamic State organisation are a latest attacks on Egypt’s embattled Christian minority, increasingly targeted by ISIS and dependent militants.

The Copts have prolonged been a adored aim of extremists —  they were struck with a identical church bombing only weeks before a country’s 2011 Arab Spring uprising, and Islamic militants gave them a sold concentration during a crackdown on them in a 1990s — though a past 5 months been quite bloody.

U.S.-based consider tank a Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy pronounced a attacks brought a sum series of narrow-minded incidents opposite Copts to 26 in 2017, with a sum of 88 killed including those during a vital church bombing in December.

Following are vital attacks opposite Egypt’s Coptic Christians over a past year:

April 9:

Twin bombings, during slightest one by a self-murder bomber, strike churches in a coastal city of Alexandria and a Nile Delta city of Tanta. At slightest 43 people were killed and scores of worshippers harmed on a Palm Sunday attack, that narrowly missed a rite presided over by Pope Tawadros II in Alexandria’s St. Mark’s cathedral.


Hundreds of Egyptian Christians rush their homes in a northern partial of a Sinai Peninsula, fearing attacks by Islamic State militants. The group’s North Sinai associate had killed during slightest 7 Coptic Christians in a excitable peninsula in reduction than a month.

The Islamic State organisation associate in Egypt releases a video vowing to step adult attacks opposite a Christian minority, describing them as their “favorite prey.” It showcased a Dec conflict on a church adjacent to Cairo’s Saint Mark’s Cathedral, that claimed a lives of 30 worshippers.

December 2016:

A bombing during a chapel adjacent to Egypt’s categorical Coptic Christian cathedral in Cairo claimed by IS kills 30 people and injuries dozens during Sunday Mass in one of a deadliest attacks carried out opposite a eremite minority in new memory. The high genocide fee serves as a grave sign of a problems of Egypt’s onslaught to revive confidence and fortitude after scarcely 6 years of turmoil.

July 2016:

Pope Tawadros II says that given 2013 there were 37 narrow-minded attacks on Christians in Egypt, scarcely one occurrence a month. A Muslim host stabs 27-year aged Coptic Christian Fam Khalaf to genocide in a southern City of Minya over a personal feud.

May 2016:

A Muslim host ransacks and torches 7 Christian homes in Minya after gossip widespread that a Christian male had an event with a Muslim woman. The mom of a aforementioned male was nude exposed by a host to disparage her.

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