Alex Jones Claims He Recorded Megyn Kelly: ‘It’s Not Gonna Be Some Gotcha Hit Piece’

Alt-Right provocateur Alex Jones is melancholy to recover his entire, untouched talk with Megyn Kelly.

In a teaser shave posted to Twitter Thursday, Jones pronounced that he skeleton to recover a pre-interview conducted by Kelly. And afterwards after a airing of a NBC square on Sunday, he claims he will post a talk itself, uncut.

He played snippets of a tape, with a voice on a other finish purportedly belonging to Kelly.

The voice is listened saying, “All we can do is give we my word and tell we if there’s one thing about me, we do what we contend I’m gonna do. we don’t double-cross.”

Further, a voice said, “It’s not gonna be some gotcha strike piece. we guarantee we that.”

Like many, Jones has called for NBC not to air his Sunday Night talk with Kelly. He falsely claims that Kelly skewed his views on Sandy Hook.

Watch above, around InfoWars.


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