All a crazy iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s rumors we missed this past weekend

During an coming during a D10 discussion in 2012, Tim Cook famously betrothed to double down on product secrecy. Frustrated by an assault of iPhone and iPad leaks during a time, Cook vowed that Apple would exercise a array of measures designed to keep arriving Apple hardware out of a news cycle. That notwithstanding, a existence is that Apple has to rest on production partners in sequence to move a products to market, and in turn, there’s usually so most Apple can do to keep iPhone rumors from leaking out.

This year, a product leaks involving Apple’s 2017 iPhone lineup have been quite illuminating, if not officious endless. Though Apple won’t strictly betray a iPhone 8 and a iPhone 7s until subsequent month, not a week goes by that we aren’t bestowed with even some-more information per Apple’s next-gen devices. That said, this past weekend valid to be an generally bustling few days for a Apple gossip mill, with a series of fascinating product sum and photos leaking out. If we didn’t have a possibility to bound online over a weekend, listed next is a extensive outline of all a new iPhone rumors we might have missed.

New iPhone color

Apple likes to fondle around with new iPhone colors with each new release, and this year promises to be no different. According to a trickle emanating from the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, a iPhone 8 will be accessible in 3 opposite colors: silver, black, and a rose bullion indication that, during slightest from a photos below, looks some-more like copper than anything else.

Here’s a improved perspective of a rose bullion model.

iPhone 8’s facial approval underline will be incredible

With Apple reportedly ditching Touch ID in preference of a facial approval solution, many iPhone users have wondered if a iPhone 8 will paint a step retrograde in usability. Among many concerns, some users have wondered how easy it will be to clear a device when it’s not positioned directly in front of their face. That said, recently unearthed information strings from Apple’s HomePod firmware advise that a iPhone 8 will be means to detect faces and identify users even when a device is laying prosaic on a table


iPhone 8 wireless charging

Bolstering what we already know about a iPhone 8, cat-scan photos of a device seem to endorse that Apple’s next-gen device will support wireless charging. The imitation next is pronounced to have been taken by a Foxconn employee.

iPhone 7s to underline wireless charging

Speaking of wireless charging, it stays different if a underline will make a approach into Apple’s iPhone 7s lineup. While we’ve seen opposing reports on a matter, manikin photos of a iPhone 7s with a potion behind surfaced online this weekend, clearly indicating that a device will, in fact, offer wireless charging functionality right out of a box.

iPhone 8 front panel

Over a weekend, nonetheless another imitation purporting to be an iPhone 8 front row flush online. The imitation next lines adult with any series of prior leaks, that is to contend that a front of a iPhone 8 will confidently demeanour like this.

More iPhone 7s Plus Photos

Hardly a revelation, a iPhone 7s Plus will expected demeanour accurately like a iPhone 7 Plus. So while a iPhone 7 Plus manikin indication next isn’t all that revealing, here it is next for your observation pleasure via Slashleaks.

iPhone 7s packaging

Originally brought to light by Slashleaks, a imitation next claims to be “the initial page user primer and element to imitation on a wrapping of a 7S.

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