An army maestro is failing painfully. His final wish is to hear from you

Lee Hernandez has been diagnosed with a depot illness during usually 47 and is cramped to hospice caring in his home. He has one failing wish – and it involves you.

Hernandez, who lives with his wife, Ernestine Hernandez, in New Braunfels, Texas, has had 3 mind surgeries, though still has continual strokes that have influenced his prophesy and cognitive abilities, according to a Arizona Central. He served in a army for 18 and a half years, according to KRON, including a debate in Iraq.

Doctors pronounced they can’t figure out a means of his illness and all that’s left to do is make him comfortable.

Recently, Lee Hernandez asked his mother to reason his phone for him. When she asked why, he pronounced “in box someone calls,” according to a Facebook post.

When no one did for dual hours, he pronounced “I theory no one wants to speak to me.”

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