Android Circuit: Samsung Reveals Galaxy S8, New Nokia Sells Out, Deciding The S8 Launch Date

Taking a demeanour behind during 7 days of news and headlines opposite a universe of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes Samsung’s exhibit of a Galaxy S8, a preference about a S8 launch date, Nokia sells out a new handset, thoughts on a Pixel 2 features, Android One’s attainment in America, a story of Project Ara, examining Android refurbish speeds, and sum on Super Mario Run’s attainment on Android.

Android Circuit is here to remind we of a few of a many things that have happened around Android in a final week (and we can find a weekly Apple news digest here).

Samsung Leaks Galaxy S8 Images

When we are gripping your flagship handset underneath wraps to emanate a large impulse when we exhibit it, a final thing we wish to see is another multiplication in your association potentially leaking a new smartphone. Step brazen Samsung Display, who’s latest video on AMOLED panels facilities a suspiciously sly Galaxy handset.

In a span of new promotional videos for arrangement division, Samsung has shown off new AMOLED panels that are widely approaching to be used in a Galaxy S8. But some-more than this, it ends both commercials by display a panels morph into an unnamed smartphone with really slim tip and bottom bezels:

Does this demeanour familiar? It should since a proportions and blank earthy home symbol line adult accurately with a leaked renders of a Galaxy S8 that flush only a few days ago.

Well played, Samsung. Well played.

Samsung Galaxy with Samsung’s Browser program (Image: Ewan Spence)

S8 Needs A Launch Date Decision

Staying with a Galaxy S8, Samsung has a tactical preference to make. Video leaks and wandering web images aside, when does a South Korean association strictly exhibit a handset to a public? Does it hang with a normal MWC date in late February? Does it wait until Apr only before a approaching recover of a handsets to a sell market? And can it equivocate Nokia hidden all a PR oxygen from a ecosystem?

Finnish start-up HMD is already doing a best to safeguard that a large story entrance out of MWC will be a lapse of a Nokia name to a smartphone world. Samsung could cruise an early Galaxy S8 exhibit to interrupt a intensity opposition removing a foothold. If HMD can get a handset like a rumored Nokia 8 on sale as fast as probable after a exhibit (which is a goal of CEO Arto Nummela) and a Galaxy S8 is already a famous though taken quantity, consumers will have adequate information to make a choice and potentially switch to Nokia.

Read some-more here on Forbes.

Nokia Sells Out

Not calm with over one million pre-sale registrations in China for a new smartphones, a group behind a Nokia 6 placed a initial units on sale by one of a classical Chinese selling strategies… a peep sale. Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer highlights a success and a doubt around this method:

Unfortunately, we’re not certain how many units they’ve indeed sold. Nokia boasted about carrying 1 million pre-registrations, so if initial batch teetered even on a side of 50,000 units afterwards that doesn’t sound like an irrational review rate. (But though any tangible central numbers, we’re articulate only to talk.)

Our wish is that clever sales in China will inspire Nokia to cruise swelling adore to other markets in due time.

As good as a Chinese firm Nokia 6, HMD Global is approaching to announce a series of new Android-powered Nokia smartphones during MWC 2017 for sale in Western Europe and America.

Nokia 6 (image: HMD Global PR)

What Can The Pixel 2 Do Better?

What could Google do with a Pixel 2? The thoughts of many are branch to a subsequent smartphone flagship from Mountain View (but presumably not those who have sealed two-year contracts to possess a initial Pixel and Pixel XL models). There’s always something improved around a corner, and Android Central’s Daniel Bader has some ideas on what that improved could be, starting with waterproofing:

The many apparent one is a underline manufacturers can’t means to disremember in 2017. With a Samsung Galaxy line good determined as a IP68 mainstay, and Sony not distant behind with a admittedly reduction acclaimed lineup, Google has to interest to a mainstream by waterproofing a 2017 flagship. There were only too many times in new months where we would have elite to be means to be some-more arrogant about holding a Pixel out in a sleet or sleet — or even regulating it nearby a penetrate — though worrying about genocide by mainboard corrosion.

More thoughts from Bader during Android Central.

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