Anheuser-Busch donates cans of water, Melania Trump’s heels set off a Twitter frenzy

Joel Osteen opens megachurch as a preserve after amicable media criticism.

Joel Osteen (Getty)

@HaroldItz, tweeting about priest Joel Osteen’s apparent hesitance to open a doors of Lakewood, his Houston megachurch, as a shelter. On Sunday, Lakewood’s Facebook pronounced a church was “inaccessible due to serious flooding,” though photos flush on amicable media display that was not a case. The Christian priest was widely criticized for ostensible demure to assist Houston in whirly relief, given that Lakewood can chair 16,000 people (the building was before a sports arena). On Tuesday, Osteen tweeted that Lakewood’s doors were open and a trickery is receiving people in need.

Melania Trump wore stilettos to conduct to Houston area.


@ZerlinaMaxwell, tweeting after initial lady Melania Trump was seen wearing stilettos while boarding Air Force One to revisit Houston and consult repairs from Hurricane Harvey. People freaked out on amicable media about Trump’s choice of footwear, though when she got off a craft in Houston, she had altered into tennis shoes.

Anheuser-Busch sends H2O to inundate victims.

@Fourwhls1, thanking Anheuser-Busch, that is following in a tradition of disaster service assist by promulgation some-more than 155,000 cans of celebration H2O to those influenced by Hurricane Harvey. The drink hulk intermittently switches prolongation in a Cartersville, Ga., plant to water.

Glimpse of new “Heathers” TV uncover gives people churned feelings.

“Heathers” (Paramount Pictures)

@SarahJordancoop, reacting after a trailer for a Paramount Network TV reconstitute of “Heathers” came out on Monday. The preview brought churned reactions from people doubtful that a late-1980s teen murder comedy can be re-created.

Fans of “Game of Thrones” will be watchful a while for a final season.


@Discw0rld, reacting to new conjecture that a final deteriorate of “Game of Thrones” may not atmosphere until 2019. Some fans aren’t doing a thought so well:

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