AP FACT CHECK: Are pregnancy, rape pre-existing conditions?

Pregnancy, passionate attack and domestic violence could be deliberate “pre-existing conditions” that make it tough to keep word coverage underneath a Republican health caring bill, according to a series of news articles and amicable media posts.

The check doesn’t privately impute to any of these things, and headlines suggesting that it does are misleading.

But a check does concede insurers, in singular circumstances, to assign some-more for a health condition that existed before a patient’s coverage starts if that chairman has had a relapse in insurance. Because of that, there competence be a intensity in some states for a profound lady to be charged some-more for coverage.

THE CLAIM: Twitter is superfluous with lists of pre-existing conditions, studious testimonials and posts with a #iamapreexistingcondition hashtag. People vital with a horde of medical conditions are disturbed about a destiny of their coverage if a Republican devise becomes law. Concern has focused in sold on women’s health issues, and generally pregnancy. And claims that rape victims are singled out has influenced outrage.

THE FACTS: One of a bigger changes to health caring underneath a Republican devise is that it would concede insurers to cruise a health risk of business requesting for new coverage if they had a new opening in coverage. This is probable usually if states request for a sovereign waiver to concede it. The Affordable Care Act, that stays in place, does not assent this.

Carrying a baby also carries some risk, so word companies see profound women as risker — and some-more costly — business when they request for coverage. The same goes for a chairman who was harmed or disgusted with a ongoing illness. They cruise medical conditions, not how they got harmed or sick. For example, if someone sees a therapist since they have been raped, a condition that a therapist treats competence be deliberate pre-existing though a rape would not.

Insurers have generally deliberate conditions treated within 3 months of a start of coverage to be pre-existing, health caring attention consultant Robert Laszewski said.

Before a Affordable Care Act, pregnancy was deliberate a pre-existing condition, and insurers frequently denied coverage since of it.

They can no longer do that. But, underneath a Republican bill, insurers might be means to assign aloft prices for a singular time due to a person’s new medical history.

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