AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s week of feints and fake advertising

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump took stairs on spark law and broader appetite process during a week also noted by shadow-boxing over health caring and Russian intrigue. False promotion and controversial feints went into a mix.

Here are some statements by a boss and his orator on those subjects and how they review with facts:

TRUMP, announcing “the start of a new era” in energy: “We will put a miners behind to work. … My administration is putting an finish to a fight on coal.”

THE FACTS: That epoch began a decade ago, when drilling companies used new techniques to remove immeasurable amounts of healthy gas and oil underneath Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, a Rockies and other regions of a country. The outrageous supply of healthy gas has been a heading force in a decrease of coal, and Trump’s stairs to palliate law on a spark attention can do tiny to change that. Advances in mechanization have serve suppressed jobs in coal.

Far some-more jobs have come about in renewable-energy industries, such as solar and wind, than are constructed by coal. The latest information uncover about 160,000 people are employed in U.S. spark mining and power-plant jobs, compared with 373,000 in solar and 101,000 in wind. Meantime oil prolongation grew roughly during Barack Obama’s presidency notwithstanding his administration’s tightened law on that industry.


TRUMP, hailing his “energy autonomy action,” says: “Together, we are going to start a new appetite series — one that celebrates American prolongation on American soil.”

THE FACTS: The government’s possess information uncover that a U.S. is already on a fork of appetite independence, driven by army in play prolonged before Trump’s election. The Energy Information Administration projects that a U.S. could switch from a net importer of appetite to a net exporter as early as 2019, depending on what happens to oil prices, appetite resources and mercantile growth.

Although Trump might applaud — and in some ways allege — U.S. appetite production, one of his many poignant executive actions as boss has been to open a nation to another source of unfamiliar oil, with his capitulation of a Keystone XL tube from Canada.


TRUMP twitter Tuesday: “Big proclamation by Ford today. Major investment to be done in 3 Michigan plants. Car companies entrance behind to U.S. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!”

THE FACTS: The investments were in a works good before Trump took office. Ford announced skeleton to ascent some of a Michigan plants in Nov 2015 as partial of a new agreement with a United Auto Workers union.

In Ford’s latest announcement, it pronounced it was investing $1.2 billion in 3 Michigan facilities. One is an engine plant where it skeleton to supplement 130 jobs. Another is a suburban Detroit bureau that now creates tiny cars, that are relocating to a plant in Mexico. The Detroit bureau will spin to building Ford Ranger pickups and Bronco SUVs.


TRUMP: “We certified a assent to finally build a Keystone XL tube and transparent a approach to execution of a Dakota Access pipeline, thousands and thousands of jobs.”

THE FACTS: The practice is temporary. The supervision estimates a Keystone XL plan will emanate 42,100 jobs directly and indirectly in a U.S. for adult to dual years. Once a tube is complete, handling it would support an estimated 50 jobs. The Dakota Access tube supports fewer construction jobs, several dozen jobs in operation, and is roughly complete.


SEAN SPICER, White House press secretary, on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s bid to check acknowledgment of Trump’s hopeful for a Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch: “Republicans in a past have authorised Democrat presidents to have their nominees voted on up-or-down, and for a many partial when we go behind by President Obama, President Clinton, they have been — Republicans have assimilated with Democrats to concede people who are competent to go onto a court. And to see this new fashion be shaped by Leader Schumer is disappointing, given this is a huge, outrageous crack.”

THE FACTS: Since a emergence of a commonwealth there have been pitched fights over Supreme Court nominees, yet Spicer ignores a outrageous one that’s unequivocally recent: a Republicans’ besiege final year of Obama’s assignment of Merrick Garland to a same chair Gorsuch will occupy if he’s reliable as approaching subsequent week. Obama nominated Garland some-more than a year ago, yet a Senate’s infancy Republicans declined to cruise a appointment.


TRUMP: “We will ride American appetite by American pipelines done with American steel, done with American steel, can we trust somebody would indeed contend that? This came adult a tiny bit coincidentally when we was signing a tube deal… We combined a tiny clause, didn’t take much, that we wish to build pipelines in this country, you’re going to buy your steel and you’re going to have it built here. Makes sense, right?”

THE FACTS: Trump again creates a fake linkage between a pipelines he certified and his dictated process on destiny pipelines. When he sealed memoranda reviving a Keystone XL plan blocked by Obama and commendatory execution of Dakota Access, he also sealed a chit directed during augmenting U.S. steel calm in destiny projects.

It’s an oft-told myth built on a fool — a process does not request to Keystone XL or Dakota Access.

Moreover, a policy, to be implemented after this year, does not charge U.S. steel or phony — usually that those goals be achieved as many as possible.


SPICER: “Every singular chairman who’s been briefed on this, as I’ve pronounced ad nauseam from this lectern … have been unequivocally transparent that there is no tie between a boss or a staff here and anyone doing anything with Russia.” On that question, he added, “Republican, Democrat, Obama appointee” and career polite servants “have all come to a same conclusion.”

THE FACTS: No such accord has been reached, distant from it.

Possible collusion between Trump associates and Russia during a presidential discuss is being investigated by a FBI and dual congressional committees. No justification of collusion has come to light yet a probes are continuing.

In his opening matter to a House comprehension Committee on Mar 20, FBI Director James Comey said: “I have been certified by a Department of Justice to endorse that a FBI, as partial of a counterintelligence mission, is questioning a Russian government’s efforts to meddle in a 2016 presidential choosing and that includes questioning a inlet of any links between people compared with a Trump discuss and a Russian supervision and possibly there was any coordination between a discuss and Russia’s efforts.”

He pronounced that “as with any counterintelligence investigation, this will also embody an comment of possibly any crimes were committed.”

Spicer’s explain that even Democrats who have been briefed on a matter determine there was no collusion is during contingency with statements from Democrats. Rep. Adam Schiff of California, tip Democrat on a comprehension cabinet and a target of personal briefings, said: “there is some-more than inconclusive justification now” of a attribute between Russian interests and Trump associates.


SPICER, on a Gorsuch nomination: “If Sen. Schumer gets his way, this would be a initial successful filibuster opposite a Supreme Court hopeful in American history.”

THE FACTS: Whether Spicer is right depends on how we conclude a nominee. There was one prior high probity assignment killed by a filibuster, in 1968, yet it was underneath somewhat opposite circumstances: a due betterment of a Supreme Court justice, Abe Fortas, to be a arch justice.

The Senate lacked a two-thirds infancy to extent debate, President Lyndon Johnson withdrew a assignment and Fortas remained on a probity as an associate justice. If Schumer and a Democrats were to attain in restraint Gorsuch’s ascent to a court, it would be a initial for a appointment of an associate justice.

The “American history” that Spicer mentions doesn’t go behind too distant in this case. It’s usually been given 1949 that nominations have been theme to a intensity supermajority requirement underneath Senate rules. In a 19th century, a Senate used procedural votes or took no movement during all on 10 high probity nominees, many selected by supposed random presidents — group who ascended to a White House after a genocide of a boss and lacked clever support in Congress.


TRUMP, to senators during a White House reception: “I know that we’re all going to make a understanding on health care. That’s such an easy one. So we have no doubt that that’s going to occur unequivocally quickly.”

THE FACTS: Although Trump delivered a line in a critical tone, Spicer pronounced a boss was joking when he characterized health caring as a cakewalk.

In any event, Trump had it right about health caring in February, when he said: “I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably formidable subject.”

Of some-more effect is possibly Republicans unequivocally are prepared to try a second time, and “very quickly,” to reinstate “Obamacare.” The signals are mixed.

After a due Republican renovate was pulled from a House but a vote, Trump indicated he would wait indefinitely, until a existent law falls detached from problems in a marketplace, before perplexing again. House Speaker Paul Ryan pronounced Obamacare would sojourn in place for a “foreseeable future.”

They’ve suggested given that they might take another run during health caring soon, even yet a domestic meridian stays only as forbidding. That could be true, or it could be face-saving talk. Republicans have seemed fervent to pierce on and tackle taxation cuts. That’s not an easy one, either.


Associated Press writers Eileen Sullivan, Julie Pace and Mark Sherman in Washington, David Koenig in Dallas and Dee-Ann Durbin in Detroit contributed to this report.


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