Apple iPhone X: Fix For Cold Weather Problem Coming Soon


iPhone X

Apple has reliable that it will be regulating an emanate that causes a iPhone X shade to unexpected turn nonchalant in cold weather. The repair will arrive in a form of a program update, presumably in a new chronicle of iOS.

Attention to a problem appears to have flush from a iPhone subreddit village discussion recently. In that discussion, several iPhone X owners complained about a keyboard and touchscreen losing functionality in cold temperatures. However, some of a iPhone X owners pronounced that it worked after locking and unlocking a device again.

Vancouver-based Reddit user YamadaPuckah pronounced that he has been experiencing a problem in a -2 to 5 degrees Celsius heat there. And when he spoke with a representative at Apple by a Apple Support App, a response was  “the device was designed to work in temperatures adult to 0 degrees Celsius. It is approaching that a device competence delayed down and maybe unresponsive.”

Interestingly, one of a Reddit users pronounced that they gifted a problem after stepping outward in normal continue conditions so it competence not only be due to a cold weather. That user suggested that there is a probability that it competence have something to do with how a ambient light sensor and infrared camera on a front of a device respond to a change in lighting in multiple with the lower continue temperatures. But Apple’s matter about a emanate implies that it has to do with a rapid change to a cold environment.

“We are wakeful of instances where a iPhone X shade will turn temporarily nonchalant to hold after a fast change to a cold environment,” pronounced Apple in response to The Loop when asked about a iPhone X cold continue issue. “After several seconds a shade will turn entirely manageable again. This will be addressed in an arriving program update.”

In a support page, Apple says that iPhones, iPads and iPod hold (4th era and later) should be used in ambient temperatures between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). In colder temperatures, Apple pronounced that a iOS device competence knowledge a shorter battery life. And if an iOS device becomes too hot, afterwards a arrangement competence low or go black and this summary will display:


When an iOS device gets too hot

I am guessing that a repair for a iPhone X cold continue problem should arrive within a subsequent integrate of weeks in a teenager indicate iOS program update. Yesterday Apple expelled iOS 11.1.1, that bound an autocorrect bug that caused a minute “i” to change to an “a” and a doubt pitch symbol. And iOS 11.1.1 also enclosed a repair for a “Hey Siri” problem. Currently, iOS 11.2 is in beta and that refurbish should embody a Apple Pay Cash underline when it is strictly released.

Have we gifted problems with your iPhone X while in a cold environment? Please leave a criticism with your thoughts!

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