Apple Loop: iPhone 8 Launch Confirmed Sep 12, New iPhone 7S Leaks, iPhone’s Sneaky Secret

Taking a demeanour behind during another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes Tim Cook’s dream of Augmented Reality in a iPhone 8, a disreputable pretence behind Apple’s exclusive wireless charging system, a reliable launch date of a new iPhones, leaked sum of a iPhone 7S, a Apple Watch’s new health kick, Intel’s new chips and a MacBook, Apple’s feat over Microsoft, and observant goodbye to a Apple Car.

Apple Loop is here to remind we of a few of a really many discussions that have happened around Apple over a final 7 days (and we can review my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

The Dream Of AR, The Reinvention Of The iPhone

If there’s one thing that a universe will wish from a new iPhone launch, it’s a elementary answer to a doubt of ‘what is new in this iPhone?’ Answers like ‘wireless charging’ and ‘an OLED screen’ will simply prominence how distant behind Apple hardware was compared to Android manufacturers. But a pierce to deliver Augmented Reality by iOS 11 offers a improved answer:

There is manifest hardware. There are not so pointed signals from management. Developers have been given a collection to start prototyping iOS 11-powered AR apps forward of a launch of a new iPhone portfolio and a open recover of a mobile handling system.

That’s a means. The eventuality will come with a far-reaching roll-out of iOS 11. And a motivation? Which developer wouldn’t wish to be ‘the one’ that gets a curtsy as a initial torpedo AR mobile focus of a 21st century?

More here on Forbes.

Ewan Spence

Wireless Charging The iPhone 6 (image: Ewan Spence)

Everyone Else Thought There Was A Standard

One disreputable pretence that Apple is pulling with a new iPhones is over wireless charging. Other manufacturers and appendage makers might have been operative by a options to come to an concluded customary for all to follow (namely Qi), though Tim Cook and his group are apparently carrying nothing of it. Apple’s complement is going to be a licenced and exclusive various that will not have interoperability.

…part of a iOS charging routine will be to check that a pad delivering a preliminary energy is protected by Apple – and if it is not a iPhone will exclude to accept a incoming charge.

The upshot is that a engorgement of charging pads and accessories now on a marketplace that are transmutable with any device ancillary a Qi customary will be incompetent to assign a new iPhones. Apple has motionless not to work with a flourishing and supposed standard, instead determining to put adult a technological wall between a charging village and a iPhone. To take one example, a augmenting series of open ‘wireless charging’ spots from companies such as AirCharge will be exclusive with Cupertino’s latest device.

I’ve explained because this is a bad thought here.

When Can We See it?

As for a launch date, a start of a week saw all a signs indicating towards a 12th of September, a date that ties in with a chronological launch patterns and gives an denote on pre-orders and availability. The tangible date was announced on Thursday, confirming both a date and a location. The eventuality will be a initial open eventuality in Apple’s new ‘Steve Jobs Theatre’. Now we only have to fake we don’t know what is going to be announced:

That’s not how Apple wants a diversion to be played. Now is a time when Cupertino wants to be mysterious, to be ‘ooh, what’s in Tim’s pocket?’ and to fake that nobody in a room, or in a world’s press, knows whats going to be announced. It’s a ultimate square of yarn theatre, with most of a coverage following Apple’s lead.

It’s all an illusion. Everyone knows what is coming

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Apple CEO Tim Cook (image: Getty)

A Slight Increase In Size For The Sevens

Also rising on a 12th will be a iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus handsets. Although they are approaching to be iterations of a existent 7 and 7 Plus models, a latest leaks advise that they will be a millimeter or so incomparable in any dimension. Sean Aune has a details:

We are of march articulate distance differences that a immeasurable infancy of consumers won’t even notice, though it is intriguing nonetheless.

With wireless charging pronounced to be entrance to each iPhone indication this year, that would make for some-more record Apple needs to squeeze into a devices, so it creates clarity a iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus would need a bit some-more room. However, with Apple’s obvious mania for wanting to keep a inclination thin, this couldn’t have been an easy preference for a association to reach.

What will be conspicuous is that existent ‘7’ cases might onslaught to reason a ‘7S’ family. More during Techno Buffalo.

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