Apple Loop: New iPhone 7S Leaks, Disappointing iPhone 8 Delay, Microsoft Surface Vs MacBook Pro

Taking a demeanour behind during another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes that new iPhone will get an OLED screen, prolongation issues with a iPhone 8, some-more sum on a iPhone 7S, discounts on a MacBook Pro, Apple’s purpose as Silicon Vally’s kingmaker, changes to App Store associate income, and thoughts on Surface vs Mac

Apple Loop is here to remind we of a few of a really many discussions that have happened around Apple over a final 7 days (and we can review my weekly digest of Android news here on Forbes).

How Many iPhones Will Sport OLED?

The iPhone 8 is approaching to make a burst to OLED and finally grasp shade relation with Android’s flagship handsets. The new numbers entrance out of a supply sequence indicate to Apple’s approaching success with a transparent shade technology, though is there a turn dark in a figures? Forbes’ Brooke Crothers reports:

Often referred to generically as a “iPhone 8” or “10th Anniversary iPhone,” confidence about a supply of OLED displays stirred Morgan Stanley to correct a foresee since of a “higher than approaching iPhone 7 Plus mix” and improved “supply sequence clarity” on OLED arrangement supply to Apple, a investment bank pronounced in a investigate note to investors this past week.

…basically half of a arriving iPhone indication brew could be OLED. “With an approaching (second half 2017) sum iPhone prolongation devise of 100-110M, this suggests OLED could be closer to 50% mix, contra a before regressive arrogance of 33%,” Morgan Stanley said.

The doubt now is what altered in a mix. Will a iPhone 8 sell even some-more handsets than expected, or are a iPhone 7S and 7S and handsets picking adult OLED? More here on Forbes, though it looks like a latter might have some-more potential.

Ewan Spence

Apple iPhone 7 (image: Ewan Spence)

A Delay To The iPhone 8

One doubt that will have an impact on a OLED sequence is when a iPhone 8 will arrive. There is already  talk of a check in production, and this has been backup with some-more sum from KGI Securities research Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 8 might not enter prolongation until November. Neil Hughes reports:

The KGI Securities researcher released a note on Monday… cautioning that prolongation ramp of a supposed “iPhone 8” could start as late as Oct or November. That would be after than a common August-September timeframe for a new flagship iPhone. Kuo pronounced a intensity delays could come about since of prolongation difficulty. He warned investors that “severe supply shortages” could insist for awhile, that would top sum shipments of new iPhones in a second half of 2017.

In fact, this year’s “iPhone 8” launch could serve be compounded by a fact that other handsets are also approaching to implement edge-to-edge OLED displays. Kuo pronounced he believes seamless, vast screens will turn a vital offered indicate for high-end smartphones, that could leave bequest LCD-based designs in a dust.

Apple Insider has some-more on a iPhone 8 supply issues. Meanwhile Forbes’ Gordon Kelly sums adult some-more prolongation issues, including problems with wireless charging and a printed circuit board:

Breaking these down, Nikkei says Samsung is struggling to supply a OLED panels Apple will use in a new flagship iPhone while it quotes Arthur Liao of Taipei-based Fubon Securities as observant Apple is struggling with overcome overheating with a wireless charging modules. Lastly it cites IDC researcher Sean Kao as divulgence there are problems with a mass prolongation of a model’s circuit boards.

Apple’s Safety Net

Every Sep Apple has a launch eventuality and 2017 will not be an exception. But if a iPhone 8 is confronting prolongation difficulties, what can Apple show? Nothing? The iPhone 8 with a ‘not accessible for 10 weeks’ sticker? A rested MacBook Pro? we consider a answer is simple. The iPhone 7S gets promoted to favourite handset status:

What if a devise is not to compare adult a 7S, 7S Plus, and a 8? What if a devise is to reason behind a iPhone 8 since of prolongation issues until a after date and put all a concentration on a iPhone 7S family? That would explain a suggestions of OLED displays going into a same handset pattern that was debuted in 2016 on a iPhone 6. It would meant that a speed and potency improvements to be found in a new A11 complement on chip can be a concentration of a event. Updates to program such as a camera and increasing formation with iCloud could be promoted.

More thoughts on this emanate from myself here on Forbes.

Apple PR

Macbook, Mar 2015 (image: Apple PR)

Should You Ignore The Surface vs Mac Fight?

The Microsoft Surface computers should not be compared to Apple’s machines, argues Daniel Dilger.I’d indicate out that Microsoft’s plan is focused distant some-more on a cloud and providing program to third-party manufacturers that formulating a large domain hardware business. Compare that to Apple offered a possess hardware exclusively in good volumes and a dual opposite business models are clear. Still, it’s a square to plea opinions:

Despite pronouncements that it was “in for a prolonged haul” with Zune, Microsoft consummated a bid in 2012 after 6 years of trying. Surface RT was dropped after 4 years, while Lumia was dumped after dual years of Microsoft shopping it. KIN didn’t final dual months.

Microsoft also began offered an Intel x86-powered hybrid PC inscription branded as Surface Pro, that has survived. Now in a fourth generation, a Surface Pro has been interconnected with an even some-more costly Surface Book cover and a automobile huge-tablet/desktop PC called Surface Studio. Reviews have been some-more than kind.

In fact, Microsoft’s ability to emanate new form factors has kicked off a swell of media regard that, identical to Samsung’s, is mostly elegant of a fad value supposing by a efforts rather than a intensity for blurb success.

More during Apple Insider.

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