Apple’s iPhone 8 will do a unthinkable

There are so many things that come to mind when we consider of Apple as a company. It was a colonize in a personal computing space, a iPod was a sum game-changer, it reinvented smartphones in 2007 with a strange iPhone, and a laptops and tablets sojourn marketplace leaders to this day. A series of common threads are woven by all of those achievements, and some are some-more appreciated than others by Apple fans around a world.

One of Apple’s less appreciated characteristics is a company’s “courage.” The association has never been fearful to make pattern decisions that fly in a face of gathering and scatter feathers in a process. This manifested itself many recently in Apple’s preference to stop a customary 3.5mm headphone jack on a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, that caused utterly a bit of turmoil forward of a many new iPhones’ entrance final September. Now, however, a new arguable news suggests that Apple will travel behind one of a new bold decisions with a iPhone 8.

Early Tuesday morning, The Wall Street Journal issued a news that clearly confirms one of a many widely reported rumors surrounding Apple’s arriving iPhone 8. According to a paper, Apple will dump LCD arrangement panels in a new flagship iPhone and instead implement a stretchable OLED display. While a title of a news states conclusively that a iPhone 8 will underline a “curved display,” we privately don’t trust a conjecture drifting around right now is accurate, and I wrote about why progressing this morning.

Moving over a iPhone 8’s display, there was another tidbit in a news that is, utterly frankly, intolerable if true. After switching from a company’s exclusive 30-pin connector to a newer Lightning connector reduction than 5 years ago commencement with a iPhone 5, a Journal says Apple is formulation to dump a Lightning pier on a new iPhone 8 and adopt a attention customary USB Type-C pier instead.


The pierce would apparently make copiousness of sense. Apple now uses USB-C ports on a newer laptops for charging and other connectivity, and a USB-C port’s inner components are only as compress as a Lightning port. Apple could use USB-C in phones and tablets but carrying to worry about a inclination being any thicker, and it would afterwards have a same form of connector on a Mac and iOS devices.

It only seems so peculiar deliberation a company’s story that Apple would indeed adopt an attention standard. It’s roughly unthinkable. But a WSJ has been a arguable source of Apple leaks in a past, and it would be illusory to see a association finally adopt an attention customary so that accessories work opposite Apple inclination and opposite other inclination as well.

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