Astronaut Loses Space Blanket During Historic Spacewalk

Active on her Twitter account, @AstroPeggy, Whitson mostly writes about how investigate during a space hire relates to bland life, and how she travels a universe as partial of her wanderer training.
“I trafficked to Russia 8 times in a final 1.5 year training flow, dual times to Japan and one time to Cologne,” she wrote in a new blog post.
Next week, she and Pesquet, 39, will perform another spacewalk to continue a space hire upgrades and upkeep indispensable for destiny spaceships.
For partial of a outing, Pesquet is scheduled to float a robotic arm from partial of a football field-sized lab to another.
“We call that strictly a yee-haw ride,” Whitson told NASA radio final week.
Whitson is married to associate NASA biochemist Clarence Sams.
According to her NASA bio, her hobbies embody weightlifting, biking, basketball and H2O skiing.

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