Astronaut Peggy Whitson has returned to Earth, a integrate some-more NASA annals in hand

Just after emergence Sunday, a Soyuz plug pennyless by Earth’s atmosphere and hurtled toward the sprawling grasslands of executive Kazakhstan. Even with a parachute dragging its speed, a spacecraft crashed into a ground, triggering an imposing cloud of sand and smoke.

On a other side of a world, a voice quietly called a method of events for NASA: “Touchdown. Touchdown confirmed.”

Soon after, helicopter and belligerent crews rushed to collect a 3 people — NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer and Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin — from a defeated capsule. Last to be plucked from a Soyuz, according to a Associated Press, was Whitson, who was given a span of sunglasses and a fragrance of flowers with a note that read, “Welcome back, Peggy.”

It was a elementary summary to interpretation a goal to a International Space Station that cemented Whitson in a annals of space legends. Her lapse to Earth this weekend wrapped adult 288 days in space, a longest time in circuit in a singular spaceflight for a womanlike astronaut. The goal also done her a U.S. astronaut, masculine or female, with a many accumulative time in space, during 665 days.

Whitson has ordered a International Space Station twice, a usually womanlike wanderer to do so. In March, in a center of routine upkeep outward a ISS, Whitson set a record for a womanlike wanderer with a many accumulative spacewalking time, during 53 hours and 22 minutes. Though she had been scheduled to lapse to Earth in June, she extended her time in circuit by 3 additional months after a mark on a Soyuz non-stop up.

Whitson would go on to transcend a annals she had only set, eventually imprinting 10 apart spacewalks and logging 60 hours and 21 mins of accumulative spacewalking time.  (Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev binds a all-time spacewalking record, with 16 apart spacewalks and some-more than 82 hours of accumulative spacewalking time.)

Among her litany of accomplishments, NASA notes, almost as an afterthought: Whitson pennyless all these records at age 57, and also set a record for a world’s oldest spacewoman.

One of a initial phone calls Whitson perceived behind on Earth was from President Trump, who called both NASA astronauts as they were drifting home to Houston.

“I wish to honour Peggy and Jack for their implausible accomplishments. They make us all really proud,” Trump said, in a White House statement. “Exploration has always been during a core of who we are as Americans, and their dauntless contributions to tellurian space moody have continued that good tradition.”

It wasn’t a initial time a dual spoke by phone. In April, Trump called a International Space Station to honour Whitson for violation a record for accumulative time spent in space by any U.S. astronaut.

“Peggy is an impulse to us all, generally to immature women meddlesome in or now posterior careers in science, technology, engineering and math,” Trump said.

Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s behaving administrator, pronounced he appreciated a president’s phone call to Whitson and Fischer.

“The boss has had a event to hear from Peggy and Jack firsthand how a work aboard a International Space Station is directly pulling a bounds of tellurian knowledge, and advancing American care in a eternal limit of space,” Lightfoot said. “I wish to supplement my interjection to a teams on a belligerent opposite a globe, generally in Houston, who are traffic with a issue of a Harvey, nonetheless still confirmed a concentration to get Peggy and Jack home safely. It is an extraordinary team.”

A NASA deputy pronounced Whitson was not nonetheless accessible for interviews Tuesday.

Whitson, a local of Iowa, warranted a doctorate in biochemistry during Rice University in Houston; outward of training for space missions, she enjoys weightlifting, biking, basketball and H2O skiing, according to her NASA bio. She has done a vast impact on a space module in systematic investigate — and other, reduction high-profile areas, according to a Associated Press:

[Whitson] set a breakneck gait on all 3 of her space hire expeditions, ceaselessly seeking for some-more — and still some-more — systematic investigate to do. Scientists on a belligerent pronounced it mostly was tough to keep adult with her. She even experimented on food adult there, perplexing to supplement some pizazz to a customary freeze-dried meals. Tortillas remade into apple pies on her watch.

Even in space, Whitson (a.k.a. @AstroPeggy on Twitter) gained a following for her generous social-media dispatches from aboard a space hire that showed her doing all from growing cabbage (“My 3rd stand did a best!”) to strength training but sobriety to conducting stem-cell investigate (“my favorite so far“).

“It is one of those rides that we wish never ends,” Whitson tweeted in April, shortly after she motionless to extend her time in space by 3 months. “I am so beholden for all those who helped me on any of my missions! #LifeInSpace”

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