Astronaut Sees Hurricane Irma Near Florida from Space, Jose & Caribbean Islands, Too

American wanderer Randy Bresnik has a singular viewpoint on Hurricane Irma: He’s examination a large charge impetus toward Florida from a International Space Station, where he can also see a Caribbean islands already ravaged by a charge and a subsequent large storm, Hurricane Jose.

To Bresnik, who commands a space station’s three-man Expedition 53 crew, Irma sounds some-more like a beast than a large storm. [Hurricane Irma from Space: See a Latest Videos]

Hurricane Irma approaches Florida on Sept. 9, 2017 in this perspective from a International Space Station by NASA wanderer Randy Bresnik.
Credit: Randy Bresnik/NASA around Twitter

“The tentacles of a crawl call of #Irma clawing a approach adult Florida,” Bresnik wrote on Twitter Saturday (Sept. 9) concomitant a print of Irma from space. You can follow Bresnik, a late colonel in a U.S. Marine Corps, on Twitter during @AstroKomrade, a curtsy to his call pointer Komrade as a warrior and exam pilot.

Bresnik’s photos are a latest views of Hurricane Irma from space by astronauts on a International Space Station. The station’s other residents — Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy and European Space Agency wanderer Paolo Nespoli — posted their photos of Irma from circuit final week.

As of 8 a.m. EDT currently (Sept. 10), Hurricane Irma is a Category 4 charge with limit postulated winds of 130 mph (215 km/h), according to a National Hurricane Center update. The charge was 20 miles (30 kilometers) east-southeast of Key West, Florida and during a time and has subsequently reached a Florida Keys, according to press reports.

Hurricane Irma has caused during slightest 25 deaths in a Caribbean as it approached Florida, according to a New York Times. In Florida, some-more than 300,000 people were but energy this morning due to a storm. Hundreds of thousands have been systematic to leave from Florida, and a coastal regions of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina, a Times reported.

In further to his print of Hurricane Irma, Bresnik also incited his gawk to some a Caribbean islands a charge has already devastated.

“In #Irma’s arise Turks Caicos, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and a Virgin Islands,” Bresnik wrote of one wide-view print he took from orbit. [Hurricane Irma in Photos: Latest Views from Space]

Another print takes a tighten demeanour during a islands of Turks and Caicos.

“The pleasing sands of Turks Caicos topsy-turvy adult into a kaleidoscope of colors after #Irma,” Bresnik wrote. The U.S. Virgin Islands were a subsequent aim for Bresnik.

“The US Virgin Islands disorder from #Irma’s passage,” he wrote.

As Hurricane Irma creates landfall in Florida, Bresnik is gripping watch on a subsequent vital charge in a Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Jose. Jose is a Category 4 charge with limit postulated winds of 130 mph that is flitting good north of Puerto Rico today, according to a National Hurricane Center. NHC officials foresee a storm’s full strength will stay good out to sea.

“Unfortunately, a story of dual hurricanes …. First #Irma,” Bresnik wrote in one print of hurricanes Irma and Jose together.

Two other photos aim a eye of Hurricane Jose as seen by Bresnik from orbit.

“Hurricane #Jose regrettably following a informed path,” Bresnik wrote Saturday in one far-reaching perspective of a storm.

Bresnik’s final print Saturday got eye-to-eye with Hurricane Jose.

“The eye of #Jose,” Bresnik wrote, “may it curve north and easterly divided from those so influenced by Irma’s rage already.”

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