Aurora, accommodate Alexa: Nanoleaf gets new Amazon Echo controls


You can now ask Amazon’s Alexa to spin your Nanoleaf Aurora panels on and off, to low them adult and down, or to spin on your preprogrammed color-changing light scenes.

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“Alexa, spin a wall on.”

Saying that judgment out shrill while alone during home competence have done we seem like a crazy chairman usually a few years ago, yet times have changed. These days, voice-activated intelligent home controls are some-more renouned than ever, and it’s mostly interjection to a duration arise of the Amazon Echo intelligent speaker, and of Alexa, a voice-activated AI partner housed inside.

More and some-more gadgets and services are stability to stand aboard Alexa’s bandwagon (we saw dozens of new additions during CES alone). One of a latest is Nanoleaf, a intelligent lighting startup that’s substantially best famous during this indicate for a triangular, color-changing “Aurora” LED wall panels. With a new Alexa controls, you’ll be means to ask Alexa to spin those panels on and off or low them adult and down, or tell her to spin on a preconfigured lighting stage — something like, “Alexa, spin on celebration mode,” for instance.


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You’ll need to capacitate Nanoleaf’s Alexa ability in a Alexa app in sequence to put her in control of your lights.

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Something that’s generally notable here is that Nanoleaf’s intelligent lighting products already offering voice controls by Siri, interjection to a fact that they support Apple HomeKit, a set of intelligent home standards automatic into iPhones and iPads. Adding in Alexa support gives Nanoleaf’s business dual high-profile means of branch their lights on and off regulating voice commands. It also positions Nanoleaf easily for shoppers who competence be meddlesome in voice control, yet uncertain of that partner should anchor their intelligent home setup.

Those Alexa controls extend to both a Nanoleaf Aurora wall panels and a unique-looking Nanoleaf Ivy intelligent bulbs. Those Ivy bulbs don’t change colors like a Aurora panels do, yet they offer an eye-catching, 3D-printed jigsaw-assembly that puts a light-emitting diodes on a outside. Like a Aurora panels, they launched with Siri support, yet now offer Alexa controls as well.

To use a new Alexa controls, you’ll need to capacitate a Nanoleaf ability in a Alexa app. Once we do, usually ask Alexa to “discover new devices.” After a discerning scan, she’ll supplement all of your Nanoleaf lights to her list of upheld devices, and you’ll be means to control them regulating whatever names we gave them in a Nanoleaf app.

One caveat, though: for now, a Alexa ability is adult and using in a US only. Support for a UK is still pending, yet my source during Nanoleaf tells me that it should be accessible within a subsequent dual weeks.

Later this year, Nanoleaf skeleton to launch a new song sync mode for Aurora, along with new shapes and sizes for a panels themselves. A association orator tells me that support for the online automation use IFTTT is entrance by a finish of March, too.

The nine-panel Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit is accessible online and during Best Buy for $200 (Nanoleaf ships a products internationally — that cost comes out to about £160 in a UK). The two-bulb Nanoleaf Ivy Starter Kit costs $99 (about £80).

As for Alexa, you’ll find her in a Amazon Echo and Echo Dot intelligent speakers along with a battery-powered Amazon Tap, a Amazon Fire TV voice remote, and a flourishing series of third-party devices.

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