Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva post-fight formula and analysis

How do we put this eloquently? Bellator NYC/Bellator 180 was a weird-ass card. we meant it was intensely weird, though in a fun way! If we wanted entertainment, we got party (mixed in with cringeworthy moments along a way). We didn’t have tangible epic back-and-forth fights, though we did have a double knockdown, a pretension change hands due to a damaged ankle, a awaiting get wrecked in 24 seconds, a PPV promote began with a pretension quarrel for some reason, and we haven’t even created about Chael Sonnen or Wanderlei Silva yet! So we competence as good get to it.

With Wanderlei dead for 4 years and Chael carrying not won for 4 years, we didn’t even worry with tangible research for this hate match. Turns out that this was flattering many a accurate quarrel many people had likely when they attempted to book these dual in a UFC in 2014. It was arguably a many normal quarrel on a categorical card. Wanderlei can’t stop a takedown, Chael couldn’t finish him, and in a few distinguished exchanges we saw, Wanderlei rocked Chael. None of this mattered for Wanderlei, as Sonnen got a unanimous preference win. Silva shoved Chael in a post-fight, and Tito Ortiz spent a whole competition trash-talking Sonnen. we don’t wish to see those dual rematch given there’s usually no point. In a aftermath, Chael pronounced he hated New York (Note: we live here and we can see his point!) and afterwards called out Fedor, that reminds me…

  • Can we trust what happened between Matt Mitrione and Fedor Emelianenko? DOUBLE KNOCKDOWN. I’ve seen them in MMA and fighting though never in a quarrel of this magnitude. Mitrione recovered some-more fast and afterwards knocked Fedor out cold, that gives him a biggest win of his career. That is one of a craziest finishes I’ve ever seen and we was both yelling out shrill and also kinda bummed that Fedor got stiff that way. we don’t know if that was a final we’ve seen of The Last Emperor, though this detriment should indurate a fact that he’s intensely past his best. Father Time is undefeated and your heroes get old.
  • Mitrione’s post-fight talk was all over a place. He pronounced “f**k a Golden State Warriors” and asked President Trump to have him revisit a White House in lieu of a NBA champions. Then he finished it by notifying everybody of a GoFundMe account set-up after a comfortless flitting of Tim Hague, who once fought Mitrione in a UFC.
  • I have no difference for Bellator’s preference to have a anthems of a United States and Brazil played before a categorical event. Talk among yourselves in a comments section.
  • On a promote front, Mike Goldberg was … good he was himself, though maybe a small some-more lax and sounding reduction robotic on tonight’s broadcast. Both he and Mauro Ranallo showed good chemistry with Jimmy Smith, who is a unqualified pro. The reduction pronounced about Josh Thomson and Brendan Schaub’s analysis, a better. we already got an earful from a Schaub hive on Twitter, though we unequivocally don’t care. You’re not going to inhibit me from my position given we tab his hoop in a replies.
  • Neiman Gracie submitted Dave Marfone by rear-naked throttle in a pitch bout. He was approaching to win and he did! They altered this quarrel from a prelims to usually before a categorical eventuality due to time constraints. That’s all there is to news here.
  • I had a large diatribe about a finale to Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus and how Todd Anderson was wrong for interlude a quarrel to have doctors check on Michael Chandler’s clearly jacked adult ankle. Normally we possibly meddle to stop a quarrel and call it an damage TKO though alloy intervention, or we let a warrior resume competing. My Three Amigos Podcast co-host Iain Kidd did some digging and found that Anderson was within his rights to do what he did. Primus is your new lightweight champion. Chandler literally fell on his donkey after a elect took a sofa out from underneath him. Ouch.
  • It sucks that Chandler mislaid his pretension in weird conform and we suspicion he and Primus were gearing adult for a unequivocally good quarrel before that idiocy ensued. Hopefully there’s an evident rematch, generally given Patricky Pitbull is now set to quarrel Ben Henderson.
  • Aaron Pico was hyped as a biggest awaiting in MMA history. His form was on ESPN’s front page. He still might turn one of a best fighters we’ve ever seen, though that time is positively not now. Pico’s pro entrance finished in 24 seconds, with Zach Freeman flooring Pico with a harmful uppercut and afterwards submitting him with a d’arce choke. A integrate of us wrote in a staff picks (self-included) that putting a tender talent in there opposite a able 8-2 warrior was a extraordinary decision, and your finish outcome is a hype sight wanting to go into a rail yard for critical repairs. Pico is usually 20 so it’s insanely foolish to write him off, it’s usually a horrible approach to remove given a high expectations set by putting him on a PPV categorical card, and it’s nonetheless another instance of a heavily hyped Bellator awaiting pang a large dissapoint loss.
  • How about a turn of acclaim for a tangible winner?! That was a pleasing opening by Freeman. The speed of a finish after rocking Pico with a uppercut was fantastic, and many of we who know me are wakeful that we adore d’arce chokes.
  • It wasn’t a thriller (much to my slight disappointment), though we found Douglas Lima’s win over Lorenz Larkin to be constrained viewing. Larkin was removing into a stroke in turn 2 and afterwards Lima whacked him with a brief left offshoot that altered a mettle of a fight. Lorenz’s switch to southpaw worked out good for him, though winning a final dual rounds wasn’t adequate for him to take a welterweight climax divided from a Brazilian. The 50-45 Lima scorecard is bonkers though we felt a right man got a nod. Kudos to Lima for his effective counter-punching and punishing kicks to build adult an early lead, and now we’ll see him opposite Rory MacDonald is next. It’s going to be awesome.
  • Rory was underwhelmed by Lima vs. Larkin. we can know his viewpoint, as there was not scarcely adequate blood for him to splash off a mat.
  • Ryan Bader is Bellator’s new light heavyweight champion after a detached preference win over Phil Davis, his second in as many fights. we scored it 48-47 for Bader and don’t unequivocally consider he won 4 rounds, though there was usually unequivocally small to detached these two. Ryan pressed all of Phil’s takedowns, Phil done certain Ryan didn’t do anything with his dual takedowns, and a distinguished exchanges were close. It was not a good quarrel to watch. Tactical? Yes. Exciting? Hell no. Congrats to Bader, who finally wins a vital LHW title, and he wins a Bellator belt on his initial attempt.
  • Holy hell, James Gallagher! we approaching him to kick Chinzo Machida though he done it demeanour unequivocally easy. The smaller (but elder) hermit of Lyoto had no possibility on a belligerent and was quickly choked out once a Irishman sealed adult a physique triangle. Gallagher is a youngest warrior on a Bellator roster, and yes, that he trains with Conor McGregor means we can design to see a sparkling awaiting get a bigger promotional pull than most.
  • Pro fighting star Heather Hardy didn’t have it easy in her MMA entrance opposite Alice Yauger, though after a nasty headbutt non-stop adult a large cut on Hardy late in turn 3, she usually took Yauger detached after a restart, scoring a well-deserved TKO finish. The 35-year-old might be adult there in age though her pro fighting entrance was in 2012, so she doesn’t have a mileage of Holly Holm. The Brooklyn-native got a win in style, and we demeanour brazen to saying either or not she becomes a star for Bellator.
  • I was amused that Hardy forsaken Yauger during a finish of a quarrel and let her get behind up, as if it was boxing. No 8-count here, Heather! Kudos to Big John McCarthy for a station stoppage, as Yauger was usually holding too many unanswered shots.
  • I didn’t unequivocally compensate courtesy to a online prelims, though there were 4 finishes out of those 5 fights, so Mike Goldberg got to scream “IT IS ALL OVER!” a lot, solely for Ryan Couture, who won a biased unanimous preference over Israel’s Haim Gozali.

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