Big Asteroid Is Heading Close to Earth

A comparatively vast asteroid will cranky Earth’s circuit around a object this month. Astrophysicists and astronomers contend there is no probability of a collision, though it will be a closest flyby of an asteroid that vast for during slightest another 10 years.

Asteroid 2014 JO25, detected 3 years ago, is about 650 meters (2,100 feet) in diameter, 60 times as vast as a tiny asteroid that plunged into a atmosphere as a meteor and exploded over a Russian city of Chelyabinsk in 2013. That blast was felt thousands of kilometers divided and caused massacre on a ground, deleterious some-more than 7,000 homes and offices and injuring 1,500 people.

Asteroid 2014 JO25’s pass by Earth on Apr 19 will be a nearby miss, cosmically speaking. The U.S. space group NASA pronounced no one should worry: “There is no probability for a asteroid to hit with a planet, [but] this will be a really tighten proceed for an asteroid of this size.”

The Minor Planet Center of a International Astronomical Union classifies 2014 JO25 as a “potentially dangerous asteroid.” (Astronomers systematise asteroids as “minor planets”; when they pass tighten to Earth they are termed “near Earth objects.”)

WATCH: NASA Animation: Asteroid 2014 JO25’s Orbit

NASA Animation: Asteroid 2014 JO25's Orbit

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An animation of a intersection of Earth’s circuit and that of 2014 JO25, prepared by a Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a section of a California Institute of Technology, creates it demeanour like an intensely tighten call, though a tough contribution are some-more reassuring: At a closest point, a asteroid will be about 5 times as distant from Earth as a moon is, some-more than 1.75 million kilometers divided (1,087,400 miles).

Although a asteroid is approaching to be twice as contemplative as a moon, it will be formidable to mark in a night sky filled with stars, and positively not though help. Scientists contend a arrange of telescope pledge astronomers use should be adequate to collect out a space stone as it whizzes opposite a sky during 120,000 kilometers per hour (74,500 mph)., a website that follows developments in a creation and via inlet in general, has posted an article with minute information to assistance sky-watchers find a asteroid on Apr 19, and for a day or dual afterward.

Professional astronomers also will be tracking 2014 JO25 closely. Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory, an intensely absolute radio telescope center, will investigate a asteroid for 5 days.

After all, it’s not mostly that something as large as this comes along, even a integrate of million kilometers from home. NASA says 2014 JO25 hasn’t been this tighten to Earth in a past 400 years, and it will be during slightest 500 years before it comes behind for a repeat tighten confront with a planet.

Asteroids indeed pass tighten to Earth sincerely often, though it’s their distance that matters. Asteroid 2017 GM done one of a closest passes by Earth ever seen — 16,000 kilometers (9,900 miles) above sea turn — reduction than a week ago, on Apr 4. Little notice was taken, however, since that cube of space stone was about a distance of a tiny car.

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