Bill O’Brien on Deshaun Watson: He did some large things

The evident scouting news after Texans rookie Deshaun Watson’s pro debut? Some good, some bad, according to manager Bill O’Brien.

“He is a intelligent and particular player,” O’Brien told reporters after Houston’s 27-17 loss to a Panthers on Wednesday. “First diversion out there we suspicion he did some large things. It is a large burst from college to a NFL. we suspicion he rubbed it flattering well. There are substantially a integrate of things that we could’ve finished differently. He could’ve played a small bit improved on certain plays, though altogether we suspicion he rubbed himself flattering good for his initial time out.”

A demeanour behind during any of Watson’s snaps shows accurately what one would design from a rookie in terms of errors. Over excited, he overthrew a span of receivers early and tended to rest on his mobility a bit too much. The reason O’Brien is substantially happy? These are mostly a product of nerves. Watson done some professional-grade throws as he eased himself into a diversion and seemed to demeanour some-more gentle with any snap. Some of his shun maneuvers out of a slot were Russell Wilson-esque. He set a bar pretty high for a organisation of rookie quarterbacks creation their preseason debuts this weekend.

“This is veteran football,” Watson said. “The top turn of this sport. It’s a lot faster, bigger guys, smarter guys. At a same time, we am doing a same thing they’re doing. I’m examination film, perplexing to play quick also. At a finish of a day, it’s still football. You have to go out there, operate, and do your job.”

Moving forward, it will be engaging to see if Watson plays good adequate to open adult a competition. Presumptive starter Tom Savage was efficient, going 9 of 11 for 69 yards in his time opposite Carolina’s starters. As I’ve remarkable in a past, a Texans would not have drafted Watson if they didn’t consider there was something else he could give a Texans that Savage simply could not. This was on arrangement opposite second and third-string defenders Wednesday night, though one has to consternation if O’Brien will wish to see it opposite a first-team invulnerability before a start of a unchanging season.

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