Biologist: Orca attacks on gray whales adult in California bay

MONTEREY, Calif. — Killer whales are on an rare murdering debauch in California’s Monterey Bay, aggressive and feeding on gray whale calves, a sea biologist said.

Since Apr 20, orcas have killed 4 gray whale calves in 8 days, Nancy Black pronounced Friday.

Black, who co-owns Monterey Bay Whale Watch, says a family of 9 torpedo whales has taken partial in all of a attacks, though a initial murdering concerned 33 orcas.

It’s not odd for orcas to chase on gray whale calves, says Shawn Johnson, executive of veterinary scholarship during California’s Marine Mammal Center. He hadn’t listened about a latest killings.

Black called their magnitude unprecedented.

“Usually a torpedo whales come in and out. They aren’t here each singular day,” she told a Monterey Herald ( “We see them some-more mostly in Apr than May by far, though they only seem to be unresolved around and watchful for some-more gray whales to come through.”

The calves and their mothers are migrating adult a California seashore from Mexico. The attainment in Northern California was a few weeks after than common this year, so a lot of inspired torpedo whales were waiting, Black said.

Adults in a orca family pod also competence be training a youngsters how to hunt.

“They (killer whales) learn opposite methods of sport from opposite areas so it’s upheld on by a generations,” she said. “And this sold organisation … is really good during it.”

The nine-member pod, dubbed Emma’s group, includes a matriarch, her daughter Emma and a granddaughter, along with some juveniles, including one dubbed Little B who is reduction than 6 months old.

“They learn early since it’s flattering dangerous for a torpedo whales to hunt a gray whale since a mom gray whale can impact them with their fluke,” Black said.

Orcas share their chase with a rest of a group, including members that didn’t take partial in a hunt, Black said.

She remarkable a orcas in a latest attacks also killed with surprising speed. A Wednesday conflict took only 20 minutes, compared with a several hours it customarily takes a pod of orcas to apart a calf from the mom and drown it.

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