Blake Griffin’s Latest Injury May Finally Send Him in Search of a New NBA Home

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Already, a whispers had started, about how Blake Griffin was throwing edge on his dunks after they used to be statuesque, comprehensive slams, with or but a Kia.

Each damage had taken a small of what done Griffin special, a uncertain explosiveness to go with distance and ability that creates so few prospects no-brainer No. 1 altogether picks, as Griffin was in 2009.

His work ethic as a veteran in a 8 years given has been admirable, bringing suggestive alleviation in his shot and handle.

Yet as he slammed that right palm he pennyless in Jan 2016 into a chair Friday night in Utah with uncontrollable frustration—as nonetheless another damage betrothed to criticise his rival hopes and strengthen a Los Angeles Clippers‘ stigma—it was a same aged story for Griffin.

It is, according to NBA sources, somewhere between probable and comprehensive that a surgical procession to mislay lax bodies from Griffin’s right knee in Dec is associated to what a Clippers reliable Saturday is a season-ending plantar image damage to his right large toe.

As deleterious as a damage is to a Clippers’ playoff hopes, when larger viewpoint meshes with a disappointment Griffin can’t punch away, a doubt that needs to be answered is either this chairman who has done changes to his middle round and altered his lifestyle this deteriorate thinks it’s positively time for a uninformed start.

Because it’s only as positively not over for him.

Griffin only incited 28, and his skills still haven’t entirely been tapped in a Clippers complement in that Chris Paul‘s mass manners all in Doc Rivers’ mind.

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Yes, Griffin is being created off as injury-prone now, and not but copiousness of evidence. Numerous joining sources pronounced Friday night as shortly as they listened “out for a residue of a diversion with a painful toe” that this had to be another critical injury—and a final reason not to wish to deposit a profitable max-salary container in Griffin, who will be a giveaway representative after a season.

Rest assured, though, someone is going to ante up, given he deserves it and his talent final it.

Even nonetheless a Clippers looked crook after Griffin exited in a second entertain of Game 3 opposite a Jazz and after won, it’s ridiculous to consider Steve Ballmer would wish Griffin to travel divided when a Clippers are capped out and have no other means of putting championship-level talent subsequent to Paul, who also can opt out of his agreement this summer.

Though folks who paint other teams are giveaway to opine Griffin would not be a constant max-salary superstar, no one binds a energy solely Griffin.

After he sits out and looks like a diseased couple as a Clippers try to throw by this array opposite Utah or even aim to demeanour important opposite Golden State, people will see a large design some-more clearly.

As shortly as a deteriorate is over, existence will set in: Griffin is still in his primary and could leave a bar with zero in lapse while being noticed as a favourite bringing his uninformed start to a new franchise.

If he does leave, a closest thing a Clippers have had to a golden epoch will end. And even before this injury, those who know Griffin good were not certain how badly he wanted to stay.

Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

Griffin is accepted by few. He has his possess thoughts on how things should go, nonetheless he will listen if he believes we have something to learn him.

Someone with that arrange of self-driven genius expected is some-more prone to stay with a singular group his whole career, desiring he’ll figure all out—especially given Los Angeles offers him opportunities in a party attention he enjoys.

It boils down to either this final damage is a final straw for Griffin, if he felt when he banged that palm into that chair that he only isn’t going to crash his conduct opposite this wall anymore.

After all, his Clippers reign began with an injury, too. He landed on a asperse in his initial preseason and suffered a highlight detonate in his left kneecap, that didn’t reanimate with rest and rehab and mandated medicine that cost him a whole season.

It’s a unchanging tract line with Griffin, and it competence be again. His right feet will be re-evaluated by dilettante Richard Ferkel early subsequent week after a Clippers lapse to Los Angeles.

According to joining sources, a pivotal doubt will be either Griffin needs surgery—which would sideline him for dual to 3 months—or tries to equivocate nonetheless another procession and have it reanimate on a own. He’d do a latter with a believe he competence wait dual months and afterwards still need surgery…and be during risk of blank a start of subsequent season.

Perhaps a deteriorate with a new team.

Griffin has been dynamic not to understanding with that possibility, dedicating himself to this season. He showed a same kind of joining final year after another distraction—one of his possess making—when he pennyless his palm punching a Clippers apparatus manager in a less-than-dedicated impulse of foolishness. After that, Griffin deferred medicine in hopes of personification in a postseason notwithstanding being told he’d expected re-tear a quadriceps tendon he’d harm in his left leg if he did so, according to joining sources.

He played, he re-tore it, and he missed out on Olympic bullion in a summer given of it.

You can’t contend a man hasn’t been trying.

But we could only as righteously contend it’s time for Griffin to try something else.


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