Boxing experts give Conor McGregor no possibility opposite Floyd Mayweather

LAS VEGAS — Floyd Mayweather Sr. is a unapproachable member of a old-school fighting bar who can’t wait for UFC champion Conor McGregor and his competition to be humbled, a honeyed scholarship clearly specifying itself from UFC’s brutishness.

“This one quarrel here competence put UFC in a place,” pronounced a father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., who will take on McGregor on Saturday night during T-Mobile Arena. “When this male [McGregor] takes a good ass-whipping, a UFC doesn’t wish to see that.

“Floyd fighting a man who’s never had a glove on? [McGregor’s] going to get a [stuff] kick out of him.”

That autarchic certainty in his 40-year-old dominant son is some-more than ego and honour on a partial of a father-trainer.

Several others deeply embedded in fighting also are assured that McGregor, who is 21-3 in churned martial humanities bouts, has reduction than a puncher’s possibility opposite a warrior who has won all 49 of his bouts.

“Conor McGregor will make some-more income than he’s ever made,” former universe champion warrior James Toney said, “but he’s not a warrior in this game. He has no chance. McGregor’s a UFC fighter. He doesn’t know how to punch.

“He’s going to pitch for a fences, get counter-punched and Floyd’s knocking him out in dual to 3 rounds.”

Toney, a former multi-division champion, participated in a other new vital UFC vs. fighting match, removing submitted in a initial turn by former two-division champion Randy Couture 7 years ago this week in an MMA-rules fight.

“We were ostensible to quarrel again and box, though afterwards he retired,” Toney pronounced of Couture. “I’m examination this [Mayweather-McGregor] pay-per-view since this is how it should be. Boxing is No. 1, period.”

The Times spent time final week with Southland fighting tutor Manny Robles, his super-bantamweight universe champion Jessie Magdaleno and his 2016 Irish Olympian, McGregor’s tighten crony Michael Conlan, dissecting video footage of McGregor’s fighting training, ring and UFC fights.

Among a critiques, a group pronounced that McGregor punches too wide, drops his hands too fast and rises his chin to leave himself dangerously exposed to counter-puncheswhen throwing his possess energy shots.

“The usually possibility we give Conor is his self-belief,” pronounced Conlan, who was memorably walked into Madison Square Garden’s Theater by McGregor on St. Patrick’s Day for Conlan’s winning pro debut. “He has self-belief I’ve never seen before, though he’s holding on an roughly unfit task.”

Robles, who’ll lead Conlan and featherweight universe champion Oscar Valdez into apart bouts Sept. 22 in Tucson, Ariz., burst that it’s a prolonged shot value holding since McGregor is positioned to acquire some-more than $100 million for a bout.

“If we got paid that kind of money, I’d quarrel Mike Tyson — twice,” Robles said. “Today and tomorrow.”

Magdaleno forked out that five-round UFC fights final usually 25 minutes.

“You’ve got 11 some-more mins opposite Floyd Mayweather,” Magdaleno pronounced of Mayweather, “and if he’s gassing out in dual rounds [against Nate Diaz in their initial 2016 fight], that’s usually 3 to 4 rounds in fighting opposite a man who can go 12 rounds with his eyes closed.

“You can’t quarrel with your hands down like that. Floyd will only do his thing and opposite all day.”

Robles laughed during Mayweather’s expressing regard that McGregor is 11 years younger than him, is stronger and has a two-inch strech advantage.

“Floyd’s only offered a fight,” Robles said. “He’s so gifted, so talented, good chin, knows how to foreordain a tempo. He snaps his punches. He’s 40, though it doesn’t matter. You can’t strike what we can’t see.”

All concerned trust that McGregor’s best possibility is to chuck punches though desert early, anticipating he lands one and hurts Mayweather.

“Put it all on a line,” Conlan said, “and if it doesn’t work, go out on your shield.”

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