Bryan Tanaka Says Seeing Mariah Carey and James Packer Together Is a ‘Big Reality Check’

Reality bites.

Mariah Carey‘s backup dancer (and rumored beau) Bryan Tanaka struggled to watch a cocktail star cuddle adult to her then-fiancé James Packer on Sunday’s part of Mariah’s World.

The E! docu-series showed Carey, 46, and Tanaka, 33, spending some peculiarity time together on her European tour — even yet a dancer was harmed and Carey’s manager was prepared to send him home due to his inability to perform. 

However, a flirtatious loyalty comes to a hindrance when Packer arrives during a birthday celebration for Carey’s manager. The integrate were being “touchy feely,” withdrawal Tanaka devastated.

“Seeing Mariah and James bond is super uncanny for me since we haven’t unequivocally seen it before,” Tanaka, who certified he was descending for a cocktail star, said. “I feel like I’ve been vital in this anticipation for a while and all of a remarkable this is like a large existence check.”

Carey was also struggling with a situation.

“I don’t know what to do,” she pronounced of being during a celebration with her then-fiancé and Tanaka. “This is crazy.”

The part also showed a iconic thespian carrying her final wise for her marriage gown, with 5-year-old daughter Monroe and Tanaka along for a ride.

“Seeing in Mariah in that dress, it’s really a wake-up call. I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, wedding,’ ” Tanaka shared.

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Since Carey and Packer split in October, a mom of dual (with ex Nick Cannon) has been cozying adult to Tanaka.

Over a weekend, a twin were speckled holding hands after a night on a city in London.

Just a few days ago, a rumored integrate were speckled spending time together in Los Angeles. Before channel a pond, a dual were seen leaving a sushi grill in Malibu.

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