C.J. McCollum is scoring during will opposite a NBA’s best defense

Eat like a French, splash like a British, and play basketball like C.J. McCollum, since he’s unbelievably good during this sport. The Portland Trail Blazers’ costar rattled off 27 points in a initial half in a peppery performance, gripping Portland with a Golden State Warriors step for step in a dual team’s initial 24 mins of postseason play and withdrawal a diversion tied during 56 during halftime.

It’s so bizarre to remember where McCollum was only dual seasons ago: averaging reduction than 7 points and 16 mins for Portland as a backup two-guard. Last year, he pennyless out, and this season, McCollum played even improved for Portland, that surged during a second half of a deteriorate to secure a playoff berth. Sure, it comes opposite a Warriors, strenuous favorites to win a whole damn thing this year. But don’t tell McCollum that.

In Game 1, it didn’t come during a responsibility of Damian Lillard, who had 21 points himself. The 48 from them was a many Lillard and McCollum have total for in a half, though it’s a ideal instance of their impetus that is scarcely unfit to guard. McCollum himself isn’t a quickest or some-more jaunty guard, and his 6’4 support doesn’t mount out from a crowd. But quirky shots that locate defenders out of stroke do.

He’s dictatorial during anticipating a bit of space where he can work.

It unequivocally doesn’t need to be much.

McCollum was marvellous and Lillard corroborated him up. It’s unusually tough to outscore Golden State, though these dual during their best competence be means to compare them shot for shot, during least. So far, so good.

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