Carmelo Anthony relieved as Knicks ‘roller coaster’ ends

OKLAHOMA CITY — When Carmelo Anthony stepped off a private craft Sunday in Oklahoma City, he smiled wide, saying hundreds of fans welcoming him behind a chain-link fence.

The big-city container was gone. The tiny city had supposing a beautiful, purify slate.

“To go from a conditions that was such an romantic drum coaster for me in New York, during times it was unequivocally eager on me and my family,” Anthony pronounced Monday during his rudimentary press discussion with a Thunder. “[After] a enlarged nights and a waste nights, to come here and only feel that passion and feel that energy, anytime we feel wanted and appreciated, we can’t unequivocally put that into words.”

The luminary brazen had equal difficulty summarizing his reign with a Knicks, which finished on Saturday, when he was dealt to Oklahoma City for Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round pick.

“I consider that everybody will give we a opposite answer to that,” Anthony said. “I don’t consider a fans will have anything bad to say. They understand, they’re educated, they know what it’s like to play in New York. we feel like we embraced all your hurdles of personification in New York. … we will always feel like I’m a major, vital partial of that city, and that’s not going anywhere. They know that this was a business decision. It happens. It’s sports. There’s times in sports where everybody has to go their apart ways.”

Despite a enlarged trade talks and squabbles with former group boss Phil Jackson, Anthony pronounced he binds no sourness opposite a authorization he assimilated in 2011.

“There’s no tough feelings. There’s no bad blood towards anyone in that organization, though I’m here now. we would like to tighten that section and start this new chapter,” Anthony said.

“I wanted to have a event to contest for a championship. … It’s a opposite concentration and a opposite proclivity being that me and Russell [Westbrook] and Paul [George] haven’t won a championship in the career.”

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