Cassini Begins Its Grand Finale With a Dive Between Saturn’s Rings

“We’ve usually been during Saturn for what is, effectively, half a Saturn year,” Edgington said. “But [in that time], we’re saying all these minute changes going on within that system.”

Over a march of Cassini’s stay during a gas giant, inhuman storms have come and left in Saturn’s violent atmosphere. Planetary scientists have also been means to investigate a dynamics of a moon Titan’s thick atmosphere, even forecasting continue systems as a seasons solemnly change, Edgington noted.

But many questions remain, and hopes are high that Cassini’s Grand Finale will produce some of a biggest discoveries nonetheless to come in a 20 years given a mission’s launch, Cassini researchers have said.

“The Grand Finale is a mint mission,” Linda Spilker, Cassini plan scientist during JPL, said during a news conference on Apr 4. “We’re going to a place that we’ve never been before … and we consider some of a biggest discoveries might come from these final orbits.”

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