Catalan Leader Says Region Has Earned Independence, though Calls for Talks With Madrid

Mr. Puigdemont, however, left open a probability for dialogue, while fortifying a preference to reason a referendum backing independence.

“We are here given on Sunday, Oct 1, Catalonia reason a referendum and did so in impassioned conditions,” he said. “There were aroused military attacks opposite citizens who were usually watchful to deposition their list paper. More than 800 people were treated by medical services and a universe saw it.”

He added: “The Spanish state didn’t usually wish to allocate list boxes and list papers. The categorical suspicion was to shock a people and force them to stay during home. But notwithstanding all these efforts, some-more than 2.2 million people voted given they overcame fear.”

Mr. Puigdemont conspicuous that a segment had asked 18 times for accede to reason a opinion on autonomy. “All we wanted was a Scottish-style referendum where both sides were means to put their views forward,” he said. “We were denied, time and time again.”

Switching from Catalan to Spanish, he added: “We are not criminals, madmen or manoeuvre plotters — usually typical people who simply wish to vote. We have zero opposite a Spaniards.”

Hard-line separatists had hoped Mr. Puigdemont (pronounced POOTCH-da-mon) would follow by on a formula of a rarely doubtful referendum. To vigour Mr. Puigdemont into adhering to his promise, a categorical separatist associations had called for a citizens’ assemble nearby a Parliament building to pull a Catalan domestic care to hang to a autonomy pledge.

Lawmakers from Mr. Puigdemont’s regressive party, however, were heedful about serve sharpening tensions with Madrid, generally after several distinguished companies announced skeleton to pierce their domicile from Catalonia given of authorised uncertainties of a secession.


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The clever distinctions Mr. Puigdemont was perplexing to pull — “I assume a charge of a people for Catalonia to turn an eccentric state in a figure of a republic,” he said, before adding that “I ask Parliament to postpone a stipulation of autonomy so that in a entrance weeks we can commence a dialogue” — left some Catalans confused.

Miquel Iceta, a personality of a Catalan bend of a Socialist party, voiced bemusement during a “complex” diction used by Mr. Puigdemont.

“Let’s see if I’ve accepted this well,” Mr. Iceta told Mr. Puigdemont during a parliamentary session. “You’re holding on a charge that I’m doubt and during a same time you’re proposing to postpone a stipulation that hasn’t been made.”

Mr. Iceta also poured cold H2O on a suspicion that an bootleg referendum authorized by two-fifths of a Catalan citizens gave Mr. Puigdemont a right to announce autonomy in a name of a Catalan people. “A minority can't levy itself on a majority,” Mr. Iceta said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Juan Ignacio Zoido, a Spanish interior minister, urged Mr. Puigdemont to “take a step back,” observant a Catalan personality had no choice though to honour a Constitution. “Outside a law,” Mr. Zoido said, “there is no probable discourse and usually confrontation, that we have suggested opposite given a really initial minute.”

Mr. Zoido told reporters that a Spanish military were prepared to meddle if travel protests clever in Catalonia, that concerns some Catalan officials. A military crackdown on a day of a referendum left hundreds injured, according to a Catalan authorities, and many in a segment fear that an autonomy stipulation could trigger another oppressive response.

At a Catalan Parliament, shaken politicians and a series of reporters counted down a hours before Mr. Puigdemont’s announcement. The Catalan military hermetic off a surrounding area on Tuesday in expectancy of unrest, and visitors to a building were compulsory to pass by several layers of additional security.

Inside a building, lawmakers from hostile factions upheld one another though creation eye contact. As officials from Mr. Rajoy’s celebration marched past a doorway of Mr. Puigdemont’s party, one muttered angrily about a “madness” of those who had voted for independence.


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Breezing down a same corridor, Mr. Puigdemont’s allies seemed buoyant. “This is ancestral for not usually a pro-independence transformation though also all people who adore this country,” Marta Pascal, a lawmaker, conspicuous as she changed between meetings.

    Any stipulation of autonomy would force Mr. Rajoy to make a formidable preference of his own. The primary apportion has taken a tough line opposite a separatists, though clever reprisals opposite Mr. Puigdemont could galvanize a autonomy movement, quite after a military crackdown on a day of a referendum.

    Mr. Rajoy, who has asked to seem before a Spanish Parliament on Wednesday, has a battery of puncture measures that he could use to stop Catalan secessionism in a tracks.

    The Spanish Constitution allows Mr. Rajoy to postpone a informal Parliament and to take full executive control over Catalonia, including a care of a unconstrained military force and a open broadcaster.

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    Spain’s open prosecutors could also open rapist record opposite Mr. Puigdemont and his government. On Monday, Pablo Casado, a orator for Mr. Rajoy’s ruling party, warned that Mr. Puigdemont could be detained for insurrection.

    Inés Arrimadas, a personality of a Catalan bend of a Ciudadanos party, that is fiercely against to secession, called on Tuesday for Mr. Puigdemont to assemble new Catalan elections rather than risk sharpening tensions by earnest an autonomy that he can't enforce.

    “Today Catalonia’s citizenship is separate right down a middle,” Ms. Arrimadas told La Sexta. “Part of it is vehement about something that won’t occur — and that will incite frustration.”

    The throng outward a council stood in concerned overpower watchful for Mr. Puigdemont to contend a sorcery difference that would announce their autonomy from Spain.

    He didn’t.

    A tangible beating rippled by a crowd, full with whistles of exasperation and sighs of disappointment, when Mr. Puigdemont spoke of discourse instead of evident independence.


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    “I’m so disappointed,” conspicuous Jordi Valls, 54, who sat on a dais with his conduct down and a folded autonomy dwindle on his path after a speech. “ we suspicion currently he would announce independence, and tomorrow we would be independent, that we would have a new nation and that other countries would start noticing us.”

    He conspicuous he had a bad feeling a impulse he saw some radical allies of Mr. Puigdemont enter a cover separately, though that a prolonged debate gave him moments of hope. But eventually he conspicuous ubiquitous vigour got to his leader. “They pressured him.”

    As a thousands of supporters of independence, wrapped in their movement’s flags and frustratedly kicking dull beer, done for a exits, some comparison supporters reason onto a fragment of optimism.

    Pedro Castelló, 77, from Lleida, in a distant dilemma of Catalonia, conspicuous he also was unhappy though voiced faith in a supervision that truly believed in independence. “Because what they consider is best is best.” Still, he warned, “This is a final try.”

    In Sant Jaume Square in Barcelona, a line of radio cameras forked during a masquerade of a domicile of a Catalonian informal government, that for now still flies both a Catalan and inhabitant flags.

    Tourists wandered around gnawing pictures, and a clergyman shushed a category outing of French students.

    Soledad Martínez, a 35-year-old doctoral tyro who had usually changed behind to Barcelona from Britain, conspicuous that while a city seemed normal on a surface, people’s conversations were full of doubt and stress about their evident future.

    “It’s kind of a schizophrenic moment,” she said, adding that a tangible fury flushed a city’s streets. “Something large competence happen.”

    She conspicuous her boyfriend’s trainer had given his employees a choice of going home early to equivocate any intensity violence, and she conspicuous that she was obsessively checking her phone for updates from Spanish news outlets.


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    As a male subsequent to her set adult a pointer propelling a politicians to speak a problem out, Ms. Martínez explained that she did not support a autonomy transformation though accepted a frustrations that had given arise to it.

    Mostly she voiced distraction during how a conditions had reached such a dangerous point. “I’m angry,” she said. “Why did they put us in this position?”

    Looking around her, she again remarkable that things seemed so normal. “I consider always a day before a fight it is like this,” she said.

    Inside a retreat lined with orange trees during Barcelona University, students discussed a day’s events, sitting underneath stickers that review “Independence, Yes” and an orange genuine estate pointer promotion “Dictatorship for lease by a Spanish government.”

    Sandra Anglés, 33, conspicuous she was “scared” and criticized Spain’s “fascist government.” Her crony Maria Cuevas Barba, 31, was also vicious of a Spanish supervision and conspicuous it was critical not to lay on a sidelines of history.

    She conspicuous she had voted for autonomy and participated in a ubiquitous strike, and she designed to denote Tuesday afternoon in front of a Catalan Parliament.

    “We have to be partial of this,” she said.

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