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Dutch destroy 190000 ducks in initial bird influenza cull

AMSTERDAM Some 190,000 ducks were broken on Saturday during 6 farms in a Netherlands following an avian influenza outbreak, a country’s initial winnow of an widespread unconditional northern Europe. Outbreaks of avian flu, essentially a…

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These athletes went vegan — and stayed strong.

“I don’t want to be vegan,” David Carter once said to his wife. “That’s for weaklings.” At the time, Carter was an NFL defensive end, weighing in at more than 300 pounds. Growing up in…

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Major HIV vaccine trial in South Africa stokes hope

VERULAM, South Africa — After decades of shadowboxing with the human immunodeficiency virus, researchers were encouraged four years ago when a test of a vaccine on 16,000 people in Thailand turned up a previously unknown vulnerability…