Discovery on Mars shocks scientists

Scientists might have only solved a vital poser per what happened to a Schiaparelli booster that plummeted to a aspect in a unsatisfactory failure. They now trust that a information glitch cursed a examine during…

Ant farm takes on a whole new meaning

Remember those small glass cases that we used to have as kids called ant farms?  Well, it turns out at least one species of ant has taken farming a little more seriously, according to a…

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Does this crab have a many abrasive claws?

The huge nails of a coconut crab competence be some-more absolute than they demeanour – and they demeanour flattering scary. The crab local to islands in a Indian and Pacific Oceans can grow adult to…

Meet the crab with the ‘mighty claw’

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption The coconut crab (Birgus latro) is a type of land hermit crab The claws of coconut crabs have the strongest pinching force of any crustacean, according to research….