Cavs wish JR Smith to fire more

12:07 PM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — Here’s something we never suspicion we would hear: After scoring a postseason-low 91 points in a Game 1 detriment in a NBA Finals, a Cleveland Cavaliers’ coaching staff found itself cajoling JR Smith to fire more, not less.

Smith, a scandalous gunner who claims his personal sign is, “When in doubt, shoot,” attempted usually 4 shots in 28 mins on Thursday. He scored usually 3 points and attempted usually one of those shots after a initial quarter.

Cleveland, good wakeful that a Golden State Warriors’ manly offense will need large numbers on a descent finish to stay in operation this series, is looking to Smith to daub into his blank scoring persona.

“He’s an assassin,” Cavs manager Tyronn Lue told ESPN during use Saturday. “We’re reminding him of that. Go out there and shoot. We need him to.”

Smith has not been his normal shot-happy self all playoffs. In 14 games he has reached double-digit scoring usually twice, and his high in shot attempts is nine. It is a vital rebate from his 2016 postseason run, when he attempted 9 shots or some-more in 12 of a Cavs’ 21 playoff games en track to a championship.

Perhaps it’s usually something about starting delayed opposite a Warriors for Smith. In final year’s Finals, he logged a identical stat line in Game 1, scoring usually 3 points on 1-for-3 sharpened in a loss, before bouncing behind to measure in double digits in Games 3-7.

His third entertain alone in Game 7 of a 2016 Finals, when he scored 8 points on 3-for-5 shooting, accounted for some-more points than he has scored in 10 games in a 2017 postseason. Part of a downturn has been since Smith was charged with interlude a opposition’s best wing scorer in a progressing rounds — from Paul George of a Indiana Pacers to DeMar DeRozan of a Toronto Raptors — and was regulating his appetite essentially on a defensive end.

Smith was frequency a usually Cavs shooter who looked out of sorts in Game 1. Iman Shumpert, Deron Williams and Kyle Korver total to fire usually 2-for-13 off a dais for Cleveland.

“They do a good pursuit of holding divided a 3,” Smith pronounced of Golden State. “That’s because they have been one of a tip defensive teams in a joining a final 3 years. And we usually got to do a improved pursuit of finishing during a edge to make those guys come to us. If we do that and discharge a turnovers, it will be a opposite Game 2.”

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