Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas misses start of second half due to blank teeth

3:27 AM ET

WASHINGTON — Boston Celtics indicate ensure Isaiah Thomas pronounced a teeth he had surgically remade progressing this week fell out again during Thursday’s Game 3 opposite a Washington Wizards, forcing him to skip a start of a second half as a group medicine reinserted them.

Thomas mislaid one of his tip front teeth and suffered repairs to adjacent teeth when his face strike Otto Porter Jr.‘s bend during Sunday’s Game 1 win in a Eastern Conference semifinals. Thomas underwent 6 hours of verbal medicine Monday and spent another 4 hours Tuesday in a sanatorium to revoke a flourishing that occurred.

“[My teeth] came out. we had to get them behind in,” Thomas pronounced when asked about blank a start of a second half. Marcus Smart started a third entertain in his place, yet Thomas returned only 1 minute, 40 seconds into a second half.

“They’re temporary, so if they get hit, they competence crack, they competence come out,” Thomas said. “I can’t get any permanent teeth in until a deteriorate is over. It is what it is.”

Asked if he competence have to spend Friday’s off day behind in a dentist’s chair, Thomas pronounced he’s finished with those visits until Boston’s playoff run is over.

“I’m staying out of a dentist,” he said. “You competence see me with no teeth.”

Thomas didn’t take his initial shot Thursday until scarcely 4 mins into a diversion and didn’t register his initial indicate until a giveaway chuck with 1:22 to play in a initial quarter. Thomas’ initial margin idea didn’t come until 1:21 into a second quarter.

“They had 3 guys on me, so we couldn’t unequivocally do anything,” he said. “I’ll make a adjustments. It’s fine.”

Thomas added: “I meant they were only display some-more people. Like Games 1 and 2, once we could get past a second guy, it was kind of open. They substantially had a indicate of importance of clogging a line and, when [Thomas] comes off collect and rolls, uncover dual or 3 guys as they should. But it won’t occur again. We’ll make a adjustments as a team, I’ll watch film, I’ll make a adjustments myself and see where we can collect them apart. They did a unequivocally good pursuit tonight, though. On both ends of a building they set a tone.”

Avery Bradley certified it was an off night for Thomas yet remarkable how a Wizards cranked adult their defensive power and forced 10 first-half turnovers. Jae Crowder pronounced it was transparent a Wizards were not going to let Thomas have another large night.

“Everybody on a justice was wakeful of where he was at,” Crowder said. “You can’t design him to go for 50 each night. But that wasn’t a game. The diversion was them aggressive us on both ends — they put us on the heels.”

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