Celtics boss Danny Ainge: We are removing a actor we want

Boston Celtics boss of basketball operations Danny Ainge pronounced Monday that he believes a actor a group would have comparison with a No. 1 collect in Thursday’s NBA breeze will be there when a group picks during No. 3.

“I consider even before a lottery, we’ve been evaluating these kids for a integrate years, and we felt like it was unequivocally tighten with a tip handful of players and we still feel that way,” Ainge pronounced in a discussion call Monday after a Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers rigourously announced their swap.

“We consider there’s a unequivocally good probability a actor we’ll take during [No.] 3 is a same actor we would have taken during [No.] 1. So this was a good event to acquire an impactful asset.”

Celts, 76ers finalize blockbuster for tip picks

The Celtics and 76ers have finalized a understanding to barter a No. 1 and 3 picks in Thursday’s draft, with a Celtics also receiving a destiny first-round pick.

  • Source: Celts horde Tatum as probable No. 3

    Duke’s Jayson Tatum worked out for a Celtics during their use trickery as a authorization continues to file in on who it will name No. 3 following a trade with a 76ers.

  • Ainge didn’t order out a probability that Boston could implement a No. 3 collect in a delegate pierce though seemed to spirit that a group finished this initial pierce simply since it believed it could supplement a destiny collect while still removing a preferred player.

    “We consider it’s unequivocally good value,” Ainge said. “We consider a 76ers apparently wanted this No. 1 pick. we have all a honour in a universe for what business they’ve finished over a final few years. we have a good attribute with Bryan Colangelo and Jerry Colangelo and we consider they’re doing a illusory pursuit there in Philadelphia. we consider this is somebody they unequivocally wanted and stepped adult to get. They have a lot of destiny resources and we’re gonna get a actor that we like in serve to some serve assets.”

    Celtics fans have been leery about relocating back, quite with all a hum about expected No. 1 collect Markelle Fultz. But Ainge regularly stressed that a Celtics are vehement about this move.

    “We feel like it’s a jump-start for us,” Ainge said. “We’re removing a actor we want. They’re removing a actor they want. And we’ll get an additional actor that we wish in subsequent year’s draft, or a year after. So we consider it’s a good understanding for both teams.”

    Ainge remarkable that Philadelphia’s trade offer was a best Boston perceived for a No. 1 collect and “by a poignant margin.” Ainge also downplayed a idea that Boston competence have aided what competence be a primary Eastern Conference foe down a highway and pronounced Boston’s front bureau was unanimous on a preference to pierce down.

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