Chargers games are indeed loud! There’s only one problem

10:42 PM ET

CARSON, Calif. — As Younghoe Koo‘s intensity winning margin idea sailed by a air, a throng of 25,381 during a StubHub Center, a proxy home of a Los Angeles Chargers, roared as a cannon that fires whenever a Chargers measure went off.

There was usually one problem with this stage for a Chargers — Koo’s margin idea was far-reaching right and a Miami Dolphins won 19-17.

Chargers (again) give it divided in home-opening detriment to Dolphins

Chargers kicker Younghoe Koo missed a 44-yard margin idea that would have won their L.A. opener, withdrawal a Chargers during 0-2.

  • Chargers’ Koo struggles; might face competition

    Struggling kicker Younghoe Koo has done usually one of 4 margin idea attempts so far, and Chargers manager Anthony Lynn didn’t order out bringing in others to contest for a pursuit this week.

  • For a second week in a row, Koo missed a margin idea try during a finish of a diversion as a throng celebrated, though this time his skip occurred during home, or during slightest what will offer as a Chargers’ home for a subsequent 3 seasons.

    “I suspicion there was good appetite in a stadium,” Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers pronounced after a game. “Obviously a loudest bark came during a finish after a missed margin goal. That’s where we unequivocally got to see how many Dolphins fans there were. we listened a bark before we saw a official’s signal. we wasn’t certain that bark it was.” totalled a sound levels during a StubHub Center via a Chargers’ initial regular-season diversion during a StubHub Center, and Koo’s missed margin idea try and a indirect throng greeting following a Chargers’ final second detriment purebred a loudest volume of a day during 106.1 A-weighted decibels (dBA).

    For comparison’s sake, a normal volume during an NFL diversion is estimated to be in a mid-90-decibel operation (the normal during StubHub Center on Sunday was about 80), and a Kansas City Chiefs reason a sound record for a loudest outside sports stadium, induction a 142.2, that is identical to being on an aircraft conduit deck.

    The throng during StubHub Center for today’s Los Angeles Chargers game.

    Arash Markazi, ESPN Senior Writer

    There were approximately 12 moments in a diversion in that a sound turn during StubHub Center pennyless 100 dBA, and Dolphins fans accounted for 5 of them, including Cody Parkey‘s go-ahead 54-yard margin idea with 1:05 left. The Chargers, however, are no strangers feeling like a highway group when personification during home. That was mostly a indicate of row for Chargers players during a finish of their time in San Diego. Home games opposite teams like Miami, Oakland, Kansas City and Denver, all teams they are personification during StubHub Center this season, mostly felt like divided games.

    “I consider it’s always been a small bit of something we battle,” Rivers said. “We battled it down in San Diego — we consider usually apparently a weather, a meridian lends to that. If we was somewhere else and was a fan picking a highway diversion to go to, this would be a destination. We’ve always had to conflict that a small bit more. we consider that’s something [where] if we get going and put some wins together — we’ve got to get one initial — afterwards we’ll see some-more and some-more of a fans.”

    It wasn’t that a Chargers fans didn’t make sound during a game. The second- (105.9) and third- (105.8) loudest sounds a throng done occurred when Melvin Ingram and Chris McCain sacked Jay Cutler on a span of third-and-goal situations in a second half and forced a Dolphins to flog a margin goal. The fourth loudest (105.1) came when Philip Rivers strike Antonio Gates for his record-breaking 112th touchdown as a parsimonious end.

    “I suspicion a appetite was good in a stadium, and we suspicion a fans were good,” Rivers said. “They were shrill on a third downs and they cheered during all a right times. The Dolphins fans weren’t shrill to where in third downs, we had a tough time handling or anything like that. It was unique, though it wasn’t by any means a beating as a actor entrance out there.”

    Rivers’ bar for a good home throng is sincerely low deliberation he and a Chargers were forced to review to wordless depends during many home games over a final dual seasons.

    “The Dolphins trafficked good today,” Chargers core Matt Slauson said. “But we didn’t have to use a wordless count, so that was nice. we consider it was a good crowd, [there was] a lot of appetite out there.”

    While Rivers and a Chargers didn’t have to use a wordless count during home, Cutler and a Dolphins didn’t possibly as a highway team, so a sound turn cut both ways. It got shrill during large moments for both teams though never shrill adequate to force teams out of their comfort zones.

    “I consider what you’re looking for some-more than anything as a actor is energy,” pronounced former Chargers Pro Bowl core Nick Hardwick, who is now a team’s radio analyst. “Whether it’s disastrous appetite or certain energy, all we wish is a good hum around we so we feel like what you’re doing is important.”

    While a Chargers now play in a 27,000-seat soccer track that was built in 2003 for a LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer, some players simply favourite a fact that about 95 percent of a seats were filled with fans creation noise. The Chargers had a tough time stuffing 80 percent of a seats during Qualcomm Stadium over their past dual seasons in San Diego, that was a worst audience in a league.

    Los Angeles Rams in 2020, though they also know a usually approach to lift a volume during games in a halt is to find a approach to send their fans home celebrating after games instead of being drowned out by reveling visiting fans.

    “We’ve got to find a approach to win a game,” Rivers said. “That’s what we’re many endangered about.”

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