Chargers news was a hearing balloon, a P.R. blunder, or both

SAN DIEGO, CA - JANUARY 01: San Diego Chargers fans let their feelings be famous aboiut a team's capricious destiny as they play opposite a Kansas City Chiefs during a initial half of a diversion during Qualcomm Stadium on Jan 1, 2017 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)Getty Images

It is loyal that a Chargers have told Commissioner Roger Goodell and mixed owners that a team will pierce to Los Angeles. It is also loyal that a group does not courtesy a preference as final since it has not been strictly communicated to a team’s staff or to a applicable open officials.

The finish outcome is one of dual realities. Providing information that a classification had to know would be leaked represented a counsel hearing balloon or a P.R. debacle. Possibly, both.

Having a news get out around outsiders who blabbed to mixed reporters is no approach to scrupulously disentangle with internal business on whom a Chargers might rest to make a expostulate from time to time to Inglewood. Unless a last-ditch bid to stay in San Diego wasn’t waiting for a outcome of Wednesday’s corner assembly of a NFL’s track and financial committees though monitoring a greeting in San Diego and Los Angeles to a news of a move.

Will this final, not-final hazard to leave be a I’ll-turn-this-car-around-right-now impulse that convinces a kids that a automobile unequivocally will be incited around? If there’s ever going to be a internal solution, removing out a word of a relocation while a relocation can still be topsy-turvy would be a best approach to give a tree one final, aroused shake.

The trickle also gives a Chargers a possibility to see how they’d be welcomed in L.A. Based on this column from Bill Plaschke of a L.A. Times, a arms (and so a wallets) aren’t far-reaching open. The subsequent doubt is possibly calls from 310 and associated area codes will now be done to a Chargers’ sheet bureau on Thursday morning with sheet inquiries for a 30,000-seat StubHub Center.

It’s also probable that a Chargers are indeed withdrawal with no possibility of staying and that, after months and years of doubt and traffic and unsuccessful efforts to build a internal track and formulation for this specific moment, a Chargers feeble miscalculated a existence that revelation Goodell and mixed owners that a pierce is entrance would fast make a approach to a media.

Regardless, a impulse that many saw entrance (and it’s lovable to see those who saw it entrance try to explain credit for being right all along after removing scooped final night) is now here. Sort of. Kind of. Not strictly yet.

Which means that a Chargers possibly rubbed it poorly. Or brilliantly. Or both.

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