Cities manoeuvre for position as Jeff Bezos launches hunt for second HQ

Bring out your taxation breaks

Who out there would like’s domicile in their city? Or, we should say, Amazon’s SECOND headquarters. According to a Seattle Times, Jeff Bezos and association are looking to dump something like $5 billion dollars on a second HQ that Bezos says will be a “full equal” to their stream campus in Seattle. And wherever Amazon decides to build out HQ No. 2, they’re going to move thousands of jobs with them.

Amazon continues to enhance like crazy, with a workforce fast shutting in on 500,000. And with a new merger of Whole Foods, they’re operative tough on a destiny of grocery selling as well. According to what has to be a craziest RFP we’ve ever seen, Amazon is looking for a city with a “highly prepared workforce,” and a “stable business-friendly environment,” that is business-speak for “make certain there are a lot of taxation breaks.”

So, if your city has about 8 million block feet of new bureau space fibbing around, give Jeff a call, and it competence assistance if you’re an Amazon Prime Member as well.

The Ultimate (Electric) Driving Experience

We showed we a newly re-skinned Nissan Leaf electric automobile yesterday, that is removing a makeover 7seven years after it was initial introduced. Today, electric cars are still singular birds, though 7 years from now? BMW says things will be very, really different.

According to Reuters, BMW is going all-in on electric automobile tech, with skeleton to offer a dozen electrified models by 2025. Currently, BMW offers only one pristine electric automobile indication – a i3 and a sportier i3S various – along with a super-futuristic i8, that is a high-performance hybrid. But Bavaria says they’ve seen a essay on a wall in form of Tesla’s electric automobile sales numbers, that were tighten to 100,000 units final year – with bigger sales numbers in a forecast.

BMW is reportedly prepared to uncover off a new 4-door electric indication subsequent week during a high-profile Frankfurt automobile show, and it’s will expected container in between a i3 citycar and a i8 showpiece. In fact, BMW says electric energy trains will even find homes in a M-series line of opening cars and Rolls Royce code of oppulance chariots, that BMW owns. So, if we suspicion this electric automobile thing was a flitting fad, well, don’t be too astounded if a breakthrough passes we on a freeway.

Not-so-secret space craft launch

In a launch that literally flew underneath a radar, SpaceX sent a Air Force’s cool-looking baby space shuttle, famous as a X37-B, into circuit on a personal goal early this morning from Florida. The unmanned shuttlecraft, that bears a certain similarity to a now late Space Shuttles of yore though has those cold twin tail fins, embarked on a fifth goal – classified, of march – to do… whatever it does adult there above a atmosphere.

It was a initial time SpaceX has lofted a super-secret spaceplane into orbit, though substantially not a last. After a ‘lil convey went on a happy way, a Falcon 9 upholder rocket flew behind home for a ideal touchdown – a 16th successful lapse outing for a Space-X rocket. How prolonged a small convey will sojourn in circuit isn’t known, though it has stayed adult there for tighten to dual years on a prior mission, so it could be there a while.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and a rest of Florida is battening down a hatches for incoming whirly Irma, that only intended roughly all in a trail on some islands in a Caribbean. Stay safe, Florida friends.

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