Cleveland Cavaliers have Terry Talkin’ problems with Cavs, NBA — Terry Pluto (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — There’s something really wrong with a Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s over a parsimonious report and a injuries.

The Cavs have dealt with both issues in a before dual seasons with LeBron James. Mar has always been a vicious month when it comes to a schedule.

Is it some-more impassioned in 2017? To an extent.

Here’s a breakdown:

1. The Mar report was bad. You can even contend it was awful. The Cavs played 12-of-17 games on a road. Their record? 7-10.

2.  The Cavs played 16 games in Mar of 2016, one some-more than this year. They were 11-5. They had 8 games on a road.

3. In Mar of 2015, they were 11-4. They played 10 games on a road.

So let’s not unexpected act as if a Cavs had to transport by stagecoach in Mar this year, and that’s since they were losing.

On Jan 1, a Cavs were 25-7. Since then, they are a common 23-20.

That’s a trend….

A warning sign…

A reason to worry….

One final unhappy stat: The final time a LeBron James group mislaid 10 games in a month was November, 2003. He was a rookie with a Cavs.

Cavs fans know about a defensive problems. I have been essay about it for months. Not many has changed. Their invulnerability stays in a bottom third of a NBA.

I have zero new to contend about that. It’s courtesy to detail. It’s effort. It’s not going away.


1. Kevin Love missed 6 weeks with knee surgery. J.R. Smith missed 3 months. Now Kyle Korver is out with a feet injury. He has missed 9 games and will substantially lay out more.

2. So injuries have been an issue. Korver averaged 11 points and shot 48 percent from a margin and on 3-pointers in 29 games for a Cavs. He filled in good for Smith, who was out with palm surgery.

3. Since returning, Smith’s shot and timing are a mess. He’s sharpened .340 from a margin in 13 games. He looked good in Friday’s feat over a Sixers, scoring 14 points on 5-of-9 shooting.

4. The good news is a Cavs should have Smith and/or Korver prepared for a playoffs where their 3-point sharpened is so important.

5. Iman Shumpert has had some teenager injuries. In fact, many seasons he has some teenager injuries. He’s been really inconsistent, and his invulnerability is not adult to his common standards.

6. Since Jan 7, a Cavs have total Korver, Derrick Williams, Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut and Larry Sanders. James and others were perfectionist a Cavs supplement abyss to a roster. They did. But now, Tyronn Lue is carrying a tough time reckoning out his rotations.

7. Bogut is out with a damaged leg. It’s puzzled Sanders is prepared to play much. He was out of a NBA for a final dual years traffic with some personal issues.

8. Once Love returned, Derrick Williams forsaken out of a rotation. For awhile, it was since Lue elite Richard Jefferson. But Jefferson missed Thursday’s detriment in Chicago, and Williams still didn’t play. we don’t know that. Williams has some athleticism and can assistance defend.

9. we also suspicion Deron Williams would make some-more of an impact. His stats are decent: 6.5 points, 3.3 assists and sharpened 49 percent in 20 mins a game. But a backup indicate ensure doesn’t seem to have many upsurge with a rest of a team.

10. To be fair, a Cavs don’t have many upsurge … period. Their offense is a lot of siege plays. Their invulnerability is sloppy. Some of it is due to a changing players/injuries. But not all of it.

11. The Cavs finished clever in any of a final dual seasons. They were 15-8 after Mar 1 in 2016. Three of a waste were when James sat.

12. The Cavs were 16-6 after Mar 1 in 2015. This is since James is undone and upset. He knows something is really wrong with a group right now.

13. There finally were some signs of life Friday night as a Cavs whacked Philadelphia, 122-105. At times, they had a 30-point lead. They were active on defense. We’ll see if there is any carryover as a Cavs snapped a three-game losing streak.


This is not a new idea, since we initial suspicion about it a array of years ago.

That’s when a Horizon League gave a tip dual teams a bye to a Final Four of a discussion tournament.

I wondered since a NBA didn’t prerogative a teams with something like that for a clever unchanging deteriorate performance.

Several years ago, customarily San Antonio manager Gregg Popovich was consistently resting his star players before to a postseason.

Now, it’s an epidemic. Talented teams are peaceful to trade some victories to make certain their players are not ragged out by playoff time.

But suspect a tip dual teams perceived an involuntary mark in a second round. The remaining 6 teams could play a best-of-seven series, afterwards a NBA could take a winners and work out second-round matchups formed on unchanging deteriorate performance.

Heading into a weekend, a tip 4 Eastern Conference teams are within 3 games of any other: Boston, Cleveland, Washington and Toronto.

With dual first-round byes on a line, that would emanate some really suggestive Apr games.

In a West, Golden State and San Antonio have a tip dual spots about sealed up.

Perhaps teams would still rest pivotal players as many as they do now underneath this system.

But they also could take a opposite approach, not rest several on a same night.

The complement right now is damaged since a unchanging deteriorate is deliberate of small value to a best teams, and something has to change.


We’ve all seen it before, teams looking to remove so they can collect lottery ping pong balls.

That customarily happens when a front bureau rips adult a roster, trade off veterans for destiny breeze picks. Chris Grant did it wisely when he was using a Cavs during a 4 years years James was in Miami (2010-14).

But I’ve never seen what is function this season.

On Mar 4, a Lakers told Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng to take off a rest of a season.

Before a season, both veterans sealed four-year deals for a total $136 million! They are no longer indispensable as a Lakers aim for a bottom of a Western Conference.

They are battling Phoenix, that close down healthy veterans Tyson Chandler (February 15) and Eric Bledsoe (March 12).

I don’t have a good suspicion of how a NBA can repair this problem.

I only know fans compensate large income to watch these games, and what they accept is too mostly zero some-more than an muster diversion in some instances.

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