CNN And Fox News Agree Which Scientist To Go To

The effect of such duplicity is not benign. In 1987, a Berkeley molecular biologist named Peter Duesberg published a contrarian article in a systematic biography arguing that AIDS was not caused by a HIV virus. The virus, according to Duesberg afterwards and in successive articles, was a submissive hitchhiker on a tangible causes, namely (1) bootleg recreational drugs used by gays, and (2) antiretroviral drugs that had been introduced to quarrel AIDS. Although a strenuous accord among biologists was that HIV was indeed a means of a disease, Duesberg’s means was taken adult by a few other scientists. It was also taken adult by worried promoters, and also, paradoxically, for a while, by some happy activists, nonetheless Duesberg had pronounced that a AIDS widespread was “caused by a lifestyle that was rapist 20 years ago.” Poking around on a internet, South African President Thabo Mbeki came on Duesberg’s work, with a result, according to a biography Nature, that

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