Colin Kaepernick Representatives Reportedly Deny QB Rejected NFL Contract

Tony Avelar/Associated Press

Despite reports observant otherwise, Colin Kaepernick has not incited down a intensity NFL agreement this offseason.

According to Christian Datoc of a Daily Caller, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback doesn’t wish “backup money” and incited down during slightest one deal.

However, TMZ reported Tuesday that this was incorrect. “Colin never had any talks about any agreement or any money,” a source in his middle round told TMZ.

Kaepernick—who became a divisive actor due to his criticism during a inhabitant anthem—has remained a giveaway representative via a offseason notwithstanding a plain particular 2016 campaign. While he has gained some seductiveness from several teams, nothing have discussed income as an issue.

The 29-year-old visited a Seattle Seahawks, and conduct manager Pete Carroll pronounced “[Kaepernick’s] a starter in this league,” via Andre Vergara of Fox Sports. However, a patrol remarkable they didn’t need a starter and instead sealed Austin Davis.

While a Baltimore Ravens were reportedly interested, owners Steve Bisciotti had reservations about adding a argumentative figure, per ESPN.

Craig Mish of Sirius XM remarkable Kaepernick wasn’t severely deliberate for a Miami Dolphins pursuit when a group recently combined Jay Cutler.

Although Datoc reported a quarterback intentionally incited down a agreement in sequence to stir adult a “media frenzy,” there are no indications from a teams themselves that this is a case.

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