Complete a Process: Sixers Must Do What It Takes to Draft Markelle Fultz

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If a Philadelphia 76ers have been blank anything from their ongoing reconstruct during a “Trust The Process” epoch (aside from health and altogether good fortune), it’s a long-term indicate guard. T.J. McConnell has looked good for stretches, and who could forget a guarantee that Michael Carter-Williams once showed as a 11th collect in 2013. But this register has desperately indispensable a game-changing, franchise-saving building general—something that might finally be within a grasp.

With news that a Boston Celtics are peaceful to trade a No. 1 collect in a 2017 NBA draft, a Sixers contingency do whatever it takes to sign a understanding meaningful they’d have initial right of refusal to name Markelle Fultz.

According to’s Marc Stein and Zach Lowe, Celtics ubiquitous manager Danny Ainge will wish a No. 3 collect and a package of some-more selections, expected destiny first-rounders. Philadelphia owns a Los Angeles Lakers‘ first-round collect in 2018 and a Sacramento Kings‘ first-rounder in 2019. And chances are, Ainge is going to direct both.

For a Sixers, now is a time to use those destiny resources and build for a present, and they couldn’t ask for a better, some-more wise building retard than Fultz. Scouts all year pegged him as a nation’s tip awaiting forward of Lonzo Ball and Josh Jackson.

With text tools, sparkling athleticism and high-level scoring and playmaking skills, Fultz brings bomb descent firepower to a backcourt that doesn’t have any. This is a ensure they’ve been watchful for while flitting on so many for large group breeze after draft.

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The disproportion between No. 3 and No. 1 this year could also be significant. If Fultz goes No. 1 and Ball right behind him, a Sixers will be forced to select (if they can’t pitch a deal) between bad fits or weaker talents.

Jackson’s unsure round skills and jumper might not assistance a group like Philadelphia in need of offense. Jayson Tatum would force a Sixers to play large with Simmons, Joel Embiid and Dario Saric when a rest of a joining is going small. De’Aaron Fox’s ball-dominant character and bad sharpened strife with Simmons. Malik Monk fits, though he isn’t value selecting as high as No. 3.

Even with Simmons doing a ball, it shouldn’t take divided from Fultz, who’s stretchable adequate to play 2-guard with his size, length and sharpened ability.

Either way, teams need mixed ball-handlers. And even with Simmons personification a LeBron James point-forward role, there should still be room for Fultz to do his thing, only as there is for Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.

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Simmons also doesn’t plan as a volume scorer. His diversion is all about facilitating. Creating his possess shot in a half justice isn’t one of his strengths.

Shot-creating and scoring are what apart Fultz—who incited 19 years aged this month—from each awaiting in this breeze and prior ones.

He’s rarely modernized off a dribble, means of generating offense off round screens or isolation, both for himself and teammates. The James Harden comparisons are a reach, though that’s a character of scoring playmaker a Sixers would be getting.

And don’t forget—he finished with a aloft support commission than Ball, Fox and Dennis Smith Jr. Fultz is a superb and peaceful passer. With Fultz and Simmons in a same lineup, a Sixers should start saying a lot some-more open looks during a basket.

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Even if a Celtics are means to shake down Philadelphia for all their additional picks, flitting on a possibility to supplement Fultz requires courage.

Trading up, however, shouldn’t need as most for a Sixers. This is a possibility to squeeze an All-Star-caliber building ubiquitous during a time when scoring lead guards are in and a authorization lacks backcourt talent.

Fultz would finally give a roster, that a Sixers have been perplexing to build given 2013, a some-more offset demeanour from tip to bottom. With a Fultz-Simmons-Embiid core, Philadelphia would have mixed go-to options, facilitators and edge protection.

The Sixers would strictly have their substructure if they got a understanding done. The subsequent step would be easier—plugging a holes between their cornerstones with ancillary players.

Apparently, Ainge feels wavering about Fultz’s fit with their contingent of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart. Or maybe he’s incited off by a teenager’s laid-back approach.

By creation a tip collect available, Ainge would be giving a Sixers an opening they would bewail not taking.

Fultz would be a pivotal to unlocking Philadelphia’s intensity and a ultimate boon from guileless a process.

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