Conor McGregor Talks 8-Ounce Gloves, Challenges Floyd Mayweather on Media Call

John Locher/Associated Press

Just 10 days divided from his epic showdown conflicting Floyd Mayweather Jr., Conor McGregor spoke with reporters on a discussion call about his veteran fighting entrance and to overpower any of a doubters about his chances to lift off a vital upset. 

One of a large questions heading adult to a quarrel was answered Wednesday when ESPN’s Brett Okamoto passed along word a Nevada State Athletic Commission authorized a ask to let Mayweather and McGregor wear eight-ounce gloves. 

“I’m really happy with a approach a NSAC rubbed it today,” McGregor pronounced during a call, around MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. “They were really satisfactory throughout.”

McGregor also reason organisation in his faith that a quarrel won’t go past a second turn now that he gets to use a lighter glove than a normal 10-ounce ones used in a quarrel contested during 154 pounds.

“There is no approach in ruin that I’m not prepared to quarrel in a deepest of trenches,” McGregor said, around MMA Fighting. “I don’t trust he creates it out of a second.”

Another pivotal square of business announced by a NSAC was Robert Byrd being given a charge of portion as referee; Burt Clements, Dave Moretti and Guido Cavalleri were comparison as a judges who will measure a bout, per Steven Marrocco of MMA Junkie.

McGregor had no critique for Byrd or any of a judges comparison or a routine used to select any of them, per ESPN’s Dan Rafael.

“Byrd is a good ref,” a UFC luminary said, around MMA Fighting. “He lets a quarrel take place. He has some links to MMA. His mother is an MMA judge.”

Moving onto Mayweather, a male who will be station on a conflicting side of a ring perplexing to hit him off his perch, McGregor isn’t intimidated by stepping into his opponent’s universe to establish a improved fighter. 

“I do not caring about his record,” he said, per Rafael. “I do not caring about his achievements.”

In further to not caring about Mayweather’s record or achievements, McGregor laid into anyone who doesn’t trust his ability will interpret to boxing. 

“The negligence and disregard of my skillset, their minds are closed,” pronounced McGregor, around MMA Fighting. “I demeanour brazen to going in and educating.”

Addressing his normal day pursuit as a UFC fighter, McGregor pronounced he still believes himself to be both a promotion’s featherweight and lightweight champion. He was a initial chairman in UFC story to reason dual titles concurrently after violence Eddie Alvarez for a lightweight belt final November. 

However, as a outcome of his loitering in a division, McGregor was stripped of a featherweight title. He still binds a lightweight title, notwithstanding not fortifying it given his feat over Alvarez. 

McGregor released a plea to Mayweather while throwing a undefeated fighting star’s possess difference behind during him:

Even yet a contingency of Mayweather ever stepping into a Octagon are probably non-existent, McGregor was means to speak himself into a fighting compare with one of a biggest stars in a sport. 

McGregor lacks a knowledge and veteran training going into a Aug. 26 showdown, though he’s doing all in his energy to make certain a universe knows he’s going into it with his certainty high and is scheming to hit out Mayweather. 

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